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Report 1999 Narasaki Shoichi, A regional survey of present-day earthenware and stoneware production in mainland Southeast Asia Research Report No. 8 [Narasaki 1999 #36175]
Journal Article 2000 Lefferts, Leedom An approach to the study of contemporary earthenware technology in mainland Southeast Asia Journal of the Siam Society [Lefferts, 2000 #28315]
Journal Article 1988 Lefferts, H. Leedom Jr. Contemporary Burmese Earthenware Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies [Lefferts, 1988 #28314]
Book Section 2003 Lefferts, Leedom A preliminary cultural geography of contemporary village-based earthenware production in mainland Southeast Asia Earthenware in Southeast Asia: proceedings of the Singapore Symposium on Premodern Southeast Asian Earthenwares [Lefferts, 2003 #22782]
Book Section 2012 Hazarika, M. Certain common cultural elements of the tribal groups of Northeast India Northeast India: social and cultural stratifications [Hazarika, 2012 #22899]
Book 1973 Howells, W. W. The Pacific Islanders [Howells, 1973 #20058]
Journal Article 2000 Gin, Ooi Keat Historical writings on the indigenous peoples of Sarawak since 1945: a brief review and some proposals Sarawak Museum Journal [Gin, 2000 #28524]
Journal Article 1882 Wake, C. Staniland Notes on the origin of the Malagasy Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland [Wake, 1882 #28530]
Book 2011 Fjelstad, Karen Spirits without borders: Vietnamese spirit mediums in a transnational age [Fjelstad, 2011 #20061]
Journal Article 1849 Burns, R. The Kayans of north-west Borneo Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia [Burns, 1849 #28539]
Book Section 2003 Kammerer, Cornelia Ann Introduction Founders' cults in Southeast Asia: ancestors, polity, and identity [Kammerer, 2003 #23245]
Book (Edited) 2003 Tannenbaum, Nicola Founders' cults in Southeast Asia: ancestors, polity, and identity [Tannenbaum, 2003 #21421]
Journal Article 2009 Baird, Ian G. From Champasak to Cambodia: Ya Chao Tham (Chao Thammatheva), a wily and influential ethnic Lao leader Aséanie [Baird, 2009 #28645]
Book Section in a Series 2011 Yew, Leong The Asian as other Alterities in Asia: reflections on identity and regionalism [Yew, 2011 #25545]
Book 2005 Bouté, Vanina En miroir du pouvoir. Les Phounoy du nord Laos: ethnogenèse et dynamiques d'intégration [Bouté, 2005 #20085]
Journal Article 2009 Baird, Ian G. Spatial (re)organization and places of the Brao in southern Laos and northeastern Cambodia Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography [Baird, 2009 #28648]
Journal Article 2009 Baird, Ian G. Identities and space: the geographies of religious change amongst the Brao in northeastern Cambodia Anthropos [Baird, 2009 #28647]
Document 2008 Hung, Luu Introduction to jars in the life of ethnic groups in the central highlands of Vietnam [Hung, 2008 #26585]
Book (Edited) 2008 Erni, Christian The concept of indigenous peoples in Asia: a resource book International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs Document Series [Erni, 2008 #21426]
Book (Edited) 2007 Petraglia, Michael D. The evolution and history of human populations in South Asia: inter-disciplinary studies in archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistics, and genetics [Petraglia, 2007 #21424]
Journal Article 2007 Baird, Ian G. Contested history, ethnicity, and remembering the past: the case of the Ay Sa rebellion in southern Laos Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies [Baird, 2007 #28654]
Journal Article 2010 Baird, Ian G. The Hmong come to Southern Laos: local responses and the creation of racialized boundaries Hmong Studies Journal [Baird, 2010 #28651]
Journal Article 2010 Baird, Ian G. Making spaces: the ethnic Brao people and the international border between Laos and Cambodia Geoforum [Baird, 2010 #28649]
Conference Proceeding 1998 Indigenous peoples and protected areas in Southand Southeast Asia: from principles to practice [ 1998 #26542]
Book (Edited) 1997 McCaskill, Don N. Development or domestication? Indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia [McCaskill, 1997 #21430]
Book (Edited) 2004 Tapp, Nicholas Hmong/Miao in Asia [Tapp, 2004 #21428]
Book (Edited) 2009 Bourdier, Frédéric Development and dominion: indigenous peoples of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos [Bourdier, 2009 #21427]
Book 2000 Michaud, Jean Turbulent times and enduring peoples: mountain minorities in the South-East Asian massif [Michaud, 2000 #20091]
Book 2001 Tapp, Nicholas The Hmong of China: context, agency and the imaginary [Tapp, 2001 #20090]
Book 2004 Tapp, Nicholas The Hmong of Australia: culture and diaspora [Tapp, 2004 #20088]