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Journal Article 2018 Oxenham, Marc F. Between foraging and farming: strategic responses to the Holocene Thermal Maximum in Southeast Asia Antiquity [Oxenham, 2018 #37281]
Book Section 2022 Fuller, Dorian Q. A series of cereals: a global archaeology of domestication, cereal agriculture and staple foods Ancient Grains in Modern Soils [Fuller, 2022 #37259]
Journal Article 1946 Chevalier, Auguste Nouvelles recherches sur les ignames cultivées Revue internationale de botanique appliquée et d'agriculture tropicale [Chevalier, 1946 #37183]
Journal Article 2022 Higham, Charles Franklin Wandesforde Zooarchaeology of Ban Chiang and the rise of early farming communities in mainland Southeast Asia International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Higham, 2022 #37163]
Journal Article 2019 Siripan, Sirianong Origin of prehistoric cattle excavated from four
archaeological sites in central and northeastern
Mitochondrial DNA Part A: DNA Mapping, Sequencing, and Analysis [Siripan, 2019 #37153]
Book Section 1970 Alexander, John The domestication of yams: a multi-disciplinary approach Science in Archeology: A Survey of Progress and Research [Alexander, 1970 #37138]
Journal Article 2022 Xue, Yining Post-Neolithic broadening of agriculture in Yunnan, China: Archaeobotanical evidence from Haimenkou Archaeological Research in Asia [Xue, 2022 #37079]
Book Section 2022 Piper, Philip J. The Neolithic of Vietnam The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Piper, 2022 #37021]
Journal Article 2020 Ishikawa, Ryo Genetic evaluation of domestication-related traits in rice: implications for the archaeobotany of rice origins Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Ishikawa, 2020 #36808]
Journal Article 2020 Barton, Loukas The earliest farmers of northwest China exploited grain-fed pheasants not chickens Scientific Reports [Barton, 2020 #19052]
Journal Article 2019 Jones, Rebecca K. The Neolithic transition in Vietnam: Assessing evidence for early pig management and domesticated dog Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Jones, 2019 #19043]
Book Section in a Series 1993 Neeley, Michael P. The Human Food Niche in the Levant Over the Past 150,000 Years Hunting and Animal Exploitation in the Later Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of Eurasia [Neeley, 1993 #25230]
Journal Article 2016 Dodson, John What do we know about domestication in eastern Asia? Quaternary International [Dodson, 2016 #26765]
Journal Article 2016 Hou, GuangLiang Plant utilization at the Jiangxigou site during the middle Holocene Archaeological Research in Asia [Hou, 2016 #27014]
Journal Article 2016 Matás, Gonzalo Linares The nature of food production. How can australasian evidence contribute to our understanding of the origins of this process and it's global adoption by human societies? Journal of the Flinders Archaeological Society [Matás, 2016 #27512]
Conference Paper 1978 Gorman, C. F. From domestication to urbanization: a Southeast Asian view of chronology, configuration and change Symposium on the Origin of Agriculture and Technology: West or East? [Gorman, 1978 #26412]
Book 1992 Smith, Nigel J. H. Tropical forests and their crops [Smith, 1992 #19971]
Journal Article 2015 Li Liu A long process towards agriculture in the Middle Yellow River Valley, China: evidence from macro- and micro-botanical remains Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Li 2015 #28041]
Book Section in a Series 2013 Lloyd-Smith, Lindsay 'Neolithic' societies <i>c</i>. 4000-2000 years ago: Austronesian farmers? Rainforest foraging and farming in island Southeast Asia: the archaeology of the Niah Caves, Sarawak [Lloyd-Smith, 2013 #25481]
Book 1980 Sharma, G. R. Beginnings of agriculture [Sharma, 1980 #20182]
Journal Article 1973 Flannery, Kent V. The origins of agriculture Annual Review of Anthropology [Flannery, 1973 #30136]
Journal Article 2003 Hayden, Brian Were luxury foods the first domesticates? Ethnoarchaeological perspectives from Southeast Asia World Archaeology [Hayden, 2003 #31674]
Journal Article 2003 Leach, Helen M. Human domestication reconsidered Current Anthropology [Leach, 2003 #32527]
Book 1976 Goody, J. Production and reproduction [Goody, 1976 #21134]
Journal Article 1971 Harlan, Jack R. Agriculture origins: centers and noncenters Science [Harlan, 1971 #35241]
Journal Article 1967 Harris, David R. New light on plant domestication and the origins of agriculture: a review Geographical Review [Harris, 1967 #35287]
Conference Paper 1978 Gorman, Chester Francis From domestication to urbanization: a Southeast Asian view of chronology, configuration and change Symposium on the Origin of Agriculture and Technology: West or East? [Gorman, 1978 #26515]
Journal Article 1991 McCorriston, Joy The ecology of seasonal stress and the origins of agriculture in the Near East American Anthropologist [McCorriston, 1991 #35556]
Book Section in a Series 1989 Higham, Charles F. W. Coastal adaptation, sedentism, and domestication: a model for socio-economic intensification in prehistoric Southeast Asia Foraging and farming: the evolution of plant exploitation [Higham, 1989 #26214]
Journal Article 1991 Blumler, M. The ecological genetics of domestication and the origins of agriculture Current Anthropology [Blumler, 1991 #35699]