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Journal Article 2024 Suraprasit, Kantapon The late occurrence of specialized hunter-gatherer occupation of tropical rainforests in Pang Mapha, northwestern Thailand Quaternary Science Reviews [Suraprasit, 2024 #37289]
Journal Article 2020 Suraprasit, Kantapon Long-term isotope evidence on the diet and habitat breadth of Pleistocene to Holocene caprines in Thailand: implications for the extirpation and conservation of Himalayan gorals Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution [Suraprasit, 2020 #19617]
Journal Article 1987 Ehleringer, J. R. Leaf carbon isotope ratios of plants from a subtropical monsoon forest Oecologia [Ehleringer, 1987 #26607]
Journal Article 1986 Ehleringer, J. R. Leaf carbon isotope and mineral composition in subtropical plants along an irradiance cline Oecologia [Ehleringer, 1986 #26606]
Journal Article 1997 Cerling, Thure E. Global vegetation change through the Miocene/Pliocene boundary Nature [Cerling, 1997 #26614]
Journal Article 2017 Castillo, Cristina Cobo Development of cereal agriculture in prehistoric mainland Southeast Asia Man in India [Castillo, 2017 #26671]
Journal Article 2019 Ge, Wei Investigating the late neolithic millet agriculture in Southeast China: new multidisciplinary evidences Quaternary International [Ge, 2019 #26686]
Journal Article 2018 Li, Ziye Evidence of solar insolation and internal forcing of sea surface temperature changes in the eastern tropical Indian Ocean during the Holocene Quaternary International [Li, 2018 #26692]
Journal Article 2018 Milano, Stefania Environmental conditions framing the first evidence of modern humans at Tam Pà Ling, Laos: a stable isotope record from terrestrial gastropod carbonates Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [Milano, 2018 #26708]
Journal Article 2018 Liu, Chin-hsin Human foodways, metallurgy, and landscape modification of Iron Age Central Thailand Asian Perspectives [Liu, 2018 #26723]
Journal Article 2017 Cheung, Christina Examining social and cultural differentiation in early Bronze Age China using stable isotope analysis and mortuary patterning of human remains at Xin'anzhuang, <i> Yinxu </i> Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Cheung, 2017 #26805]
Journal Article 2018 Bacon, Anne-Marie Testing the savannah corridor hypothesis during MIS2: The Boh Dambang hyena site in southern Cambodia Quaternary International [Bacon, 2018 #26861]
Journal Article 2007 Ku, Huei-Wei Paleo-environmental evolution as revealed by analysis of organic carbon and nitrogen: a case of coastal Taipei Basin in northern Taiwan Geochemical Journal [Ku, 2007 #26973]
Journal Article 2009 Richards, Michael P. Isotope analysis of human and animal diets from the Hanamiai archaeological site (French Polynesia) Archaeology in Oceania [Richards, 2009 #26971]
Journal Article 2017 Lee, Cheng-Yi Dietary reconstruction of the Iron Age population at the Fantzuyuan site, Taiwan, revealed by isotopic analysis on human and faunal bone collagen Archaeological Research in Asia [Lee, 2017 #27028]
Journal Article 2016 Lee, Cheng-Yi Diet and subsistence mode of Neolithic Yuan-Shan people in Taiwan: Perspective from carbon and nitrogen isotope analyses of bone collagen Archaeological Research in Asia [Lee, 2016 #27027]
Journal Article 2003 Krigbaum, J. Neolithic subsistence patterns in northern Borneo reconstructed with stable carbon isotopes of enamel Journal of Archaeological Science [Krigbaum, 2003 #27668]
Journal Article 2013 Kinaston, Rebecca Exploring subsistence and cultural complexes on the south coast of Papua New Guinea using palaeodietary analyses Journal of Archaeological Science [Kinaston, 2013 #28149]
Journal Article 2007 Bird, Michael I. A long record of environmental change from bat guano deposits in Makangit Cave, Palawan, Philippines Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh [Bird, 2007 #28196]
Journal Article 2014 King, Charlotte L. Economic change after the agricultural revolution in Southeast Asia? Antiquity [King, 2014 #28205]
Journal Article 2013 King, Charlotte L. Moving peoples, changing diets: isotopic differences highlight migration and subsistence changes in the Upper Mun River Valley, Thailand Journal of Archaeological Science [King, 2013 #28291]
Journal Article 2003 Zhao, Jian-xin Speleothem U-series dating of semi-synchronous climate oscillations during the last deglaciation Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Zhao, 2003 #28575]
Journal Article 2008 Zhou, Houyun Distinct climate change synchronous with Heinrich event one, recorded by stable oxygen and carbon isotopic compositions in stalagmites from China Quaternary Research [Zhou, 2008 #28574]
Journal Article 2001 Zhou, Weijian Climate changes in northern China since the late Pleistocene and its response to global change Quaternary International [Zhou, 2001 #28573]
Journal Article 2006 Gajurel, Ananta Prasad C and O isotope compositions of modern fresh-water mollusc shells and river waters from the Himalaya and Ganga plain Chemical Geology [Gajurel, 2006 #28594]
Journal Article 2004 Reber, Eleanora A. Direct detection of maize in pottery residues via compound specific stable carbon isotope analysis Antiquity [Reber, 2004 #28763]
Journal Article 2003 Maslin, Mark A. Balancing the deglacial global carbon budget: the hydrate factor Quaternary Science Reviews [Maslin, 2003 #28843]
Journal Article 2010 Zhang, Pu A test of stable carbon isotope record characteristics of phreatic and outcrop profiles Quaternary International [Zhang, 2010 #29003]
Journal Article 2009 Bentley, R. Alexander Community diversity at Ban Lum Khao, Thailand: isotopic evidence from the skeletons Asian Perspectives (2009) [Bentley, 2009 #29222]
BAR Book 2008 King, Christopher A. Stable isotopic analysis of carbon and nitrogen as an indicator of paleodietary change among pre-state metal age societies in northeast Thailand [King, 2008 #19630]