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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Book Section 2021 Fuller, Dorian The origins and spread of cereal agriculture in Mainland Southeast Asia The Languages and Linguistics of Mainland Southeast Asia [Fuller, 2021 #37205]
Journal Article 2020 Denham, Tim The domestication syndrome in vegetatively-propagated field crops Annals of Botany [Denham, 2020 #19047]
Book Section 2005 Fritz, Gayle J. Paleoethnobotanical Methods and Applications Handbook of Archaeological Methods [Fritz, 2005 #22184]
Journal Article 1915 Errata et addendum Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [ 1915 #27258]
Journal Article 2009 Denham, Tim Pre-Austronesian dispersal of banana cultivars West from New Guinea: linguistic relics from Eastern Indonesia Archaeology in Oceania [Denham, 2009 #27519]
Book 1924 Wester, Peter Johnson The food plants of the Philippines [Wester, 1924 #19873]
Book 1978 Singh, H. B. Wild edible plants of India [Singh, 1978 #19872]
Journal Article 2014 Ochoa, Janine The archaeology and palaeobiological record of Pasimbahan-Magsanib Site, northern Palawan, Philippines Philippine Science Letters [Ochoa, 2014 #28221]
Journal Article 2008 Fuller, Dorian Q. Immature rice and its archaeobotanical recognition: a reply to Pan Antiquity [Fuller, 2008 #28491]
Journal Article 2010 Hosoya, Leo Aoi Editorial: the archaeobotany of early rice agriculture in Asia Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Hosoya, 2010 #28835]
Journal Article 2008 Kennedy, Jean Pacific bananas: complex origins, multiple dispersals? Asian Perspectives (2008) [Kennedy, 2008 #29526]
Book (Edited) 1994 Hather, Jon Tropical archaeobotany: applications and new developments [Hather, 1994 #21485]
Book 1963 Darlington, Cyril Dean Chromosome botany and the origins of cultivated plants [Darlington, 1963 #20556]
Book Section in a Series 1998 Polak, Marcel Initial results of a botanical species richness study in the Ayawasi area, Irian Jaya Bird's Head approaches: Irian Jaya studies - a programme for interdisciplinary research [Polak, 1998 #25901]
Book Section in a Series 1998 Vogel, Ed de New Guinea: an orchid paradise Bird's Head approaches: Irian Jaya studies - a programme for interdisciplinary research [Vogel, 1998 #25900]
Book (Edited) 1985 Misra, V. N. Recent advances in Indo-Pacific prehistory : proceedings of the international symposium held at Poona, December 19-21, 1978 [Misra, 1985 #21536]
Book in a Series 1954 Smitinand, T. Identification keys to genera and species of the Dipterocarpaceae of Thailand [Smitinand, 1954 #21785]
Book in a Series 1958 Smitinand, T. The genus Dipterocarpus, Gaertn.f. in Thailand [Smitinand, 1958 #21784]
Book 1948 Royal Forest Department (Siam) Siamese plant names [Royal 1948 #20825]
Journal Article 1961 Steenis, C. G. G. J. van Introduction Reinwardtia [Steenis, 1961 #30415]
Journal Article 1963 Guinet, Ph. Apports récents de la palynologie à l'étude du quaternaire en Inde Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Guinet, 1963 #32140]
Journal Article 1996 van Bergen, P. F. Characterization of the insoluble constituents of propagule walls of fossil and extant water lilies: implications for the fossil record Ancient Biomolecules [van 1996 #32388]
Journal Article 1973 Whyte, Robert Orr The Gramineae, wild and cultivated, of monsoonal and equatorial Asia. I. Southeast Asia Asian Perspectives (1972) [Whyte, 1973 #33264]
Journal Article 1981 Whyte, Robert Orr The Gramineae of monsoonal and equatorial Asia. II. Western monsoon Asia Asian Perspectives (1978) [Whyte, 1981 #33107]
Book Section 1979 Larsen, Kai Exploration of the flora of Thailand Tropical botany [Larsen, 1979 #24489]
Journal Article 1979 Kitiyakara, Arun Review of "Plants of Khao Yai National Park" edited by Tem Smitinand Journal of the Siam Society [Kitiyakara, 1979 #34263]
Book Section 1975 Whyte, R. O. The genetic resources in Asian ecosystems containing perennial species of the gramineae and the leguminosae Southeast Asian plant genetic resources [Whyte, 1975 #24782]
Book 1972 Pongpangan, Somchit Edible and poisonous plants in Thai forests [Pongpangan, 1972 #21249]
Book 1948 Royal Forest Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Thailand Siamese plant names. Part 1: botanical names - local names [Royal 1948 #21247]
Book 1980 Smitinand, Tem Thai plant names (botanical names - vernacular names) [Smitinand, 1980 #21246]