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Journal Article 2014 Ochoa, Janine The archaeology and palaeobiological record of Pasimbahan-Magsanib Site, northern Palawan, Philippines Philippine Science Letters [Ochoa, 2014 #28221]
Journal Article 1941 Scrivenor, J. B. A discussion on the biogeographic division of the Indo-Australian Archipelago, with criticism of the Wallace and Weber Lines and of any other dividing lines and with an attempt to obtain uniformity in the names used for the divisions Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London [Scrivenor, 1941 #30229]
Journal Article 2013 Morwood, Mike Hobbits in context: hominin biogeography in island Southeast Asia Quaternary International [Morwood, 2013 #26766]
Journal Article 2020 Liang, Hua A late Middle Pleistocene mammalian fauna recovered in northeast Guangxi, southern China: implications for regional biogeography Quaternary International [Liang, 2020 #36856]
Journal Article 2021 Shipton, C. The biogeographic threshold of Wallacea in human evolution Quaternary International [Shipton, 2021 #36922]
Journal Article 2014 Dennell, Robin W. The origins and persistence of <i>Homo floresiensis</i> on Flores: biogeographical and ecological perspectives Quaternary Science Reviews [Dennell, 2014 #26649]
Journal Article 2023 Skeels, A. Paleoenvironments shaped the exchange of terrestrial vertebrates across Wallace's Line Science [Skeels, 2023 #37218]
Book Section 2014 Morwood, M. J. Faunal biogeography in island Southeast Asia: implications for early hominin and modern human dispersals Southern Asia, Australia, and the search for human origins [Morwood, 2014 #22528]
Book Section 1977 Jones, Rhys Man as an element of the continental fauna: the case of the sundering of the Bassian bridge Sunda and Sahul: prehistoric studies in Southeast Asia, Melanesia and Australia [Jones, 1977 #25129]
Book Section 1977 Diamond, Jared M. Distributional strategies Sunda and Sahul: prehistoric studies in Southeast Asia, Melanesia and Australia [Diamond, 1977 #25165]
Book Section 1976 Stott, P. A. Recent trends in the classification and mapping of dry deciduous dipterocarp forest in Thailand The classification and mapping of Southeast Asian ecosystems [Stott, 1976 #25113]
Book Section 1996 Spriggs, Matthew Early agriculture and what went before in Island Melanesia: continuity or intrusion? The origins and spread of agriculture and pastoralism in Eurasia [Spriggs, 1996 #23615]
Book Section in a Series 1972 Ashton, Peter S. The Quaternary geomorphological history of western Malesia and lowland forest phytogeography Transactions of the Second Aberdeen-Hull Symposium on Malesian Ecology [Ashton, 1972 #26176]
Journal Article 1977 Yellen, John E. Long term hunter-gatherer adaptation to desert environments: a biogeographical perspective World Archaeology [Yellen, 1977 #34423]
Book 1974 Andriesse, J. P. Tropical lowland peat deposits in Southeast Asia [Andriesse, 1974 #20773]
Book 1967 Holdridge, L. R. Life zone ecology [Holdridge, 1967 #21125]
Book 1980 Conklin, Harold C. Ethnographic atlas of Ifugao: a study of environment, culture, and society in northern Luzon [Conklin, 1980 #21148]
Book 1962 Royal Forestry Department, Thailand Types of forests of Thailand [Royal 1962 #21233]
Conference Paper 1987 Spriggs, M. Adornment or degradation? Prehistoric human impact on the Hawaiian landscape [Spriggs, 1987 #26440]