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Journal Article 2022 Findley, David Max Land Use Change in a Pericolonial Society: Intensification and Diversification in Ifugao, Philippines Between 1570 and 1800 CE Frontiers in Earth Science [Findley, 2022 #37075]
Journal Article September 2021 Klassen, Sarah Provisioning an early city: spatial equilibrium in the agricultural economy at Angkor, Cambodia Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory [Klassen, September 2021 #37060]
Journal Article 2018 Acabado, Stephen Status differentiation, agricultural intensification, and pottery production in precapitalist Kiyyangan, Ifugao, Philippines Archaeological Research in Asia [Acabado, 2018 #26695]
Book Section 2015 Halcrow, Siân E, Infant and child health and disease with agricultural intensification in mainland Southeast Asia The Routledge Handbook of Bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands [Halcrow, 2015 #22318]
Journal Article 2017 Dhavale, Neha Linear and appositional growth in infants and children from the prehistoric settlement of Ban Non Wat, Northeast Thailand: evaluating biological responses to agricultural intensification in Southeast Asia Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Dhavale, 2017 #27564]
Book Section 2016 Halcrow, Siân E. Infant and child health and disease with agricultural intensification in mainland Southeast Asia The Routledge handbook of bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands [Halcrow, 2016 #22460]
Journal Article 2016 Bumcheol Kim, Socioeconomic development in the bronze age: archaeological understanding of the transition from the early to middle bronze age, South Korea Asian Perspectives (2015) [Bumcheol 2016 #27831]
Journal Article 2011 Gignoux, C. F. Rapid, global demographic expansions after the origins of agriculture PNAS [Gignoux, 2011 #27847]
Journal Article 1990 Golson, J. Sociopolitical organization in New Guinea Highlands prehistory Annual Review of Anthropology [Golson, 1990 #27918]
Journal Article 2010 Kirch, Patrick V. Intensive dryland agriculture in Kaupō, Maui, Hawaiian Islands Asian Perspectives (2009) [Kirch, 2010 #28462]
Book Section 2010 Kumar, Sushil History of rice marketing Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Kumar, 2010 #23218]
Book 2011 Hall, Derek Powers of exclusion: land dilemmas in Southeast Asia [Hall, 2011 #20103]
Journal Article 2010 Purugganan, Michael D. The evolution of rice: molecular vignettes on its origins and spread Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Purugganan, 2010 #28834]
BAR Section 1985 Spriggs, Matthew Prehistoric man-induced landscape enhancement in the Pacific: examples and implications Prehistoric intensive agriculture in the tropics [Spriggs, 1985 #19665]
Book Section in a Series 2007 Douglas, Michele Toomay Biological consequences of sedentism: agricultural intensification in northeastern Thailand Ancient health: skeletal indicators of agricultural and economic intensification [Douglas, 2007 #25685]
Journal Article 2008 Addison, David J. The changing role of irrigated <i>Colocasia esculenta</i> (taro) on Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands: from an essential element of colonization to an important risk-reduction strategy Asian Perspectives (2008) [Addison, 2008 #29523]
Book 1965 Boserup, Ester The conditions of agricultural growth: the economics of agrarian change under population pressure [Boserup, 1965 #20736]
Book Section in a Series 2006 Oxenham, Marc The oral health consequences of the adoption and intensification of agriculture in Southeast Asia Bioarchaeology of Southeast Asia [Oxenham, 2006 #25885]
Thesis 2003 Stephen Acabado Land use and agricultural intensification: a GIS-based analysis of the Ifugao landscape, northern Philippines Anthropology [Stephen 2003 #36399]
Journal Article 2004 Vitousek, P.M. Soils, agriculture, and society in precontact Hawai`i Science [Vitousek, 2004 #30686]
Journal Article 2000 Hunt, Robert C. Labor productivity and agricultural development: Boserup revisited Human Ecology [Hunt, 2000 #31843]
Journal Article 2001 Araus, José Luis FOCUS: estimated wheat yields during the emergence of agriculture based on the carbon isotope discrimination of grains: evidence from the 10th millennium BP site on the Euphrates Journal of Archaeological Science [Araus, 2001 #32480]
Journal Article 1997 Wandsnider, LuAnn Review of "Fields of victory: Vijayanagara and the course of intensification" by Kathleen D. Morrison Asian Perspectives (1997) [Wandsnider, 1997 #32807]
Journal Article 1997 Riley, Thomas J. Review of "The wet and the dry: irrigation and agricultural intensification in Polynesia" by Patrick V. Kirch Asian Perspectives (1997) [Riley, 1997 #32806]