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Journal Article 2018 Fairbairn, Andrew S. Forager-farmer transitions from East Asia to Sahul: regional and global perspectives Quaternary International [Fairbairn, 2018 #26743]
Journal Article 2018 Paterson, Alistair Once were foragers: the archaeology of agrarian Australia and the fate of Aboriginal land management Quaternary International [Paterson, 2018 #26742]
Journal Article 2018 Guedes, Jade D'Alpoim Did foragers adopt farming? A perspective from the margins of the Tibetan Plateau Quaternary International [Guedes, 2018 #26738]
Journal Article 2018 Florin, S. Anna Moving past the ‘Neolithic problem’: the development and interaction of subsistence systems across northern Sahul Quaternary International [Florin, 2018 #26737]
Book (Edited) 1989 Hart, Gillian Agrarian transformations: local processes and the state in Southeast Asia [Hart, 1989 #21369]
Book Section 2010 Ahuja, S. C. Rice in social and cultural life of people Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Ahuja, 2010 #23230]
Book Section 2010 Tang, Shengxiang Domestication of rice in China and its cultural heritage Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Tang, 2010 #23229]
Journal Article 2003 Vandergeest, Peter Land to some tillers: development-induced displacement in Laos International Social Science Journal [Vandergeest, 2003 #28656]
Journal Article 2001 Maniratanavongsiri, Chumpol The Karen response to Thai conservation policies Indigenous Affairs [Maniratanavongsiri, 2001 #28665]
Book 2011 Hall, Derek Powers of exclusion: land dilemmas in Southeast Asia [Hall, 2011 #20103]
Book Section in a Series 1998 Shishlina, Natalia I. The steppe and the sown: interaction between Bronze Age Eurasian nomads and agriculturalists The bronze age and early iron age peoples of eastern Central Asia. Volume 1: archaeology, migration and nomadism, linguistics [Shishlina, 1998 #25682]
Journal Article 2007 Yu Qiao, Development of complex societies in the Yiluo region: a GIS based population and agricultural analysis Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Yu 2007 #29569]
Journal Article 2002 Sastre, Inés Forms of social inequality in the Castro Culture of north-west Iberia European Journal of Archaeology [Sastre, 2002 #29772]
Book 1965 Boserup, Ester The conditions of agricultural growth: the economics of agrarian change under population pressure [Boserup, 1965 #20736]
Book Section 1977 Allchin, Bridget Hunters, pastoralists and early agriculturalists in South Asia Hunters, gatherers and first farmers beyond Europe: an archaeological survey [Allchin, 1977 #23955]
Book Section in a Series 2002 Bellwood, Peter Farmers, foragers, languages, genes: the genesis of agricultural societies Examining the farming/language dispersal hypothesis [Bellwood, 2002 #25946]
Journal Article 2006 Kenoyer, Jonathan M. Review of "Agriculture and pastoralism in the Late Bronze and Iron Age, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan" by Ruth Young Asian Perspectives (2006) [Kenoyer, 2006 #30262]
Thesis-PhD 1939 Melin, Pierre L'endettement agraire et la liquidation des dettes agricoles en Cochinchine [Melin, 1939 #36540]
Journal Article 1979 Bilmes, Jack M. The evolution of decisions in a Thai village: a quasi-experimental study Human Organization [Bilmes, 1979 #34069]
Book 1968 Binney, George A. The social and economic organization of two White Meo communities in northern Thailand [Binney, 1968 #21089]
Journal Article 2000 Schoenfelder, John W. The co-evolution of agricultural and sociopolitical systems in Bali Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Schoenfelder, 2000 #35162]
Book Section in a Series 1976 Harrison, Robert Hamlet organization and its relationship to productivity in the swidden-rice communities of Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia The societies of Borneo: explorations in the theory of cognatic social structure [Harrison, 1976 #26117]
Book Section 1978 Bronson, Bennet Angkor, Anuradhapura, Prambanan, Tikal: Maya subsistence in an Asian perspective Pre-hispanic Maya agriculture [Bronson, 1978 #24801]
Thesis-PhD 1961 Judd, Laurence C. Chao Rai: dry rice farmers in northern Thailand [Judd, 1961 #36628]
Book 1977 Judd, Laurence C. Chao Rai Thai: dry rice farmers in northern Thailand [Judd, 1977 #21195]
Book 1957 Kamol Odd Janlekha, A study of the economy of a rice growing village in central Thailand [Kamol 1957 #21194]
Book 1968 Kamol Odd Janlekha, Saraphi: a survey of socio-economic conditions in a rural community in north-east Thailand [Kamol 1968 #21193]
Thesis-PhD 1976 Grandstaff, Terry B. Swidden society in north Thailand: a diachronic perspective [Grandstaff, 1976 #36642]
Book 1961 Delvert, Jean Le Paysan Cambodgien [Delvert, 1961 #21231]
Book 1981 Frédéric, Louis La Vie Quotidienne dans la Péninsule Indochinoise a l'époque d'angkor (800-1300) [Frédéric, 1981 #21230]