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Journal Article 2024 Wu, Yun The Hoabinhian technocomplex in southwest China: Preliminary report on new discoveries in recent decades L'Anthropologie [Wu, 2024 #37293]
Journal Article 2024 Elias, Hajni The Southwest Silk Road: artistic exchange and transmission in early China Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies [Elias, 2024 #37290]
Journal Article 2023 Ma, Minmin Forager-farmer transition at the crossroads of East and Southeast Asia 4900 years ago Science Bulletin [Ma, 2023 #37258]
Journal Article 2023 Jiao, Yanuo New evidence of early Holocene naturalistic rock art in Jinsha River valley, southwestern China Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Jiao, 2023 #37214]
Journal Article 2022 Ma, Minmin Understanding the transport networks complex between South Asia, Southeast Asia and China during the late Neolithic and Bronze Age Sage Journals [Ma, 2022 #37195]
Journal Article 1910 Coggin Brown, J. Stone implements from the Teng-yueh district, Yunnan province, western China Journal and proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal [Coggin 1910 #37185]
Journal Article 1909 Brown, J. C. Stone implements from the Tengyüeh District, Yünan Province, Western China Journal and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal [Brown, 1909 #37143]
Journal Article 2021 Liu, Ruiliang Two sides of the same coin: a combination of archaeometallurgy and environmental archaeology to re-examine the hypothesis of Yunnan as the source of highly radiogenic lead in early dynastic China Frontiers in Earth Science [Liu, 2021 #37124]
Journal Article 2022 Xue, Yining Post-Neolithic broadening of agriculture in Yunnan, China: Archaeobotanical evidence from Haimenkou Archaeological Research in Asia [Xue, 2022 #37079]
Journal Article 2022 Wang, Tingting Microfossil analysis of dental calculus and isotopic measurements reveal the complexity of human-plant dietary relationships in Late Bronze Age Yunnan Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Wang, 2022 #37068]
Book Section 2022 Chiou-Peng, Tzehuey The Dian Culture in Southwest China The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Chiou-Peng, 2022 #37039]
Journal Article 2022 Pryce, T.O. A late 2nd/early 1st millennium BC interaction arc between Mainland Southeast Asia and Southwest China: Archaeometallurgical data from Hebosuo and Shangxihe, Yunnan Journal of Archaeological Science [Pryce, 2022 #37007]
Journal Article 2022 Dal Martello, Rita The origins of multi-cropping agriculture in Southwestern China: Archaeobotanical insights from third to first millennium B.C. Yunnan Asian Archaeology [Dal 2022 #37005]
Journal Article 2022 Zhang, Xiaoming A Late Pleistocene human genome from Southwest China Current Biology [Zhang, 2022 #36995]
Journal Article 2020 Zhou, Yuduan Tangzigou open-air site: a unique lithic assemblage during the Early Holocene in Yunnan Province, Southwest China Quaternary International [Zhou, 2020 #36863]
Journal Article 1989 Hinüber, Oskar Von Two Dhāranī inscriptions from tombs at Dali (Yünnan) Journal of the Siam Society [Hinüber, 1989 #36716]
Journal Article 2020 Yun, Yali Characteristic features of metal artifacts excavated in western Yunnan in the Bronze Age Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Yun, 2020 #36659]
Journal Article 2020 Xiao, Xiayun Vegetation, climate and human impact since 20 ka in central Yunnan Province based on high-resolution pollen and charcoal records from Dianchi, southwestern China Quaternary Science Reviews [Xiao, 2020 #36653]
Journal Article 2020 Yao, Alice Bridging the time gap in the Bronze Age of Southeast Asia and Southwest China Archaeological Research in Asia [Yao, 2020 #19612]
Book Section in a Series 2018 Chiou-Peng, TzeHuey Early copper-base metals in western Yunnan How objects tell stories: essays in honor of Emma C. Bunker [Chiou-Peng, 2018 #25292]
Journal Article 1993 Vogel, Hans Ulrich Cowry trade and its role in the economy of Yünnan: from the ninth to the mid-seventeenth century. Part II Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient [Vogel, 1993 #26661]
Journal Article 2017 Cheung, Christina Examining social and cultural differentiation in early Bronze Age China using stable isotope analysis and mortuary patterning of human remains at Xin'anzhuang, <i> Yinxu </i> Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Cheung, 2017 #26805]
Journal Article 2017 Zhang, Naimeng Diet reconstructed from an analysis of plant microfossils in human dental calculus from the Bronze Age site of Shilinggang, southwestern China Journal of Archaeological Science [Zhang, 2017 #26828]
Journal Article 2017 Hein, Anke Early cultural developments on the eastern rim of the Tibetan Plateau: establishing a new chronological scheme for the Liangshan region Asian Perspectives [Hein, 2017 #26977]
Journal Article 2016 Liu, Hanggao Human settlements and plant utilization since the late prehistoric period in the Nujiang River valley, Southeast Tibetan Plateau Archaeological Research in Asia [Liu, 2016 #27013]
Journal Article 1928 Cordier, Georges Folklore du Yunnan: jeux d'enfants et chansons diverses Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Cordier, 1928 #27146]
Journal Article 1908 Soulié, G. Les barbares soumis du Yunnan (Chapitre du Tien Yi) Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Soulié, 1908 #27397]
Journal Article 1904 Pelliot, P. Notes additionnelles sur la secte du Lotus Blanc et la secte du Nuage Blanc Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Pelliot, 1904 #27480]
Book Section 2015 Xiaocen Li, Scientific examination of metal objects from the third excavation of Haimenkou site, Western Yunnan Metals and civilizations [Xiaocen 2015 #22396]
Book Section 2009 Tzeuey Chiou-Peng, Incipient metallurgy in Yunan: new data for old debates Metallurgy and civilisation: Eurasia and beyond [Tzeuey 2009 #22447]