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Journal Article 2022 Maloney, Tim Ryan Making impact: Towards discovering early projectile technology in Island South East Asian archaeology Archaeological Research in Asia [Maloney, 2022 #37087]
Journal Article 2019 Westaway, Michael C. The first hominin fleet Nature Ecology & Evolution [Westaway, 2019 #18952]
Journal Article 2019 Bird, Michael I. Early human settlement of Sahul was not an accident Scientific Reports [Bird, 2019 #18948]
Journal Article 2017 Vannieuwenhuyse, Dorcas Settling in Sahul: Investigating environmental and human history interactions through micromorphological analyses in tropical semi-arid north-west Australia Journal of Archaeological Science [Vannieuwenhuyse, 2017 #26630]
Journal Article 2018 Norman, Kasih An early colonisation pathway into northwest Australia 70-60,000 years ago Quaternary Science Reviews [Norman, 2018 #26629]
Journal Article 2013 Balme, Jane Of boats and string: the maritime colonisation of Australia Quaternary International [Balme, 2013 #26628]
Journal Article 2018 Kealy, Shimona Least-cost pathway models indicate northern human dispersal from Sunda to Sahul Journal of Human Evolution [Kealy, 2018 #26627]
Journal Article 2018 Bird, Michael I. Palaeogeography and voyage modeling indicates early human colonization of Australia was likely from Timor-Roti Quaternary Science Reviews [Bird, 2018 #26623]
Journal Article 2019 Roberts, Patrick Plastic pioneers: hominin biogeography east of the Movius Line during the Pleistocene Archaeological Research in Asia [Roberts, 2019 #26690]
Journal Article 2018 Fairbairn, Andrew S. Forager-farmer transitions from East Asia to Sahul: regional and global perspectives Quaternary International [Fairbairn, 2018 #26743]
Journal Article 2018 Florin, S. Anna Moving past the ‘Neolithic problem’: the development and interaction of subsistence systems across northern Sahul Quaternary International [Florin, 2018 #26737]
Journal Article 2018 O'Connell, James F. When did Homo Sapiens first reach Southeast Asia and Sahul? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [O'Connell, 2018 #26750]
Journal Article 1995 Yen, D. E. The development of Sahul agriculture with Australia as bystander Antiquity [Yen, 1995 #26791]
Journal Article 2007 Leavesley, Matthew G. A shark-tooth ornament from Pleistocene Sahul Antiquity [Leavesley, 2007 #26790]
Journal Article 2015 O'Connell, J. F. The process, biotic impact, and global implications of the human colonization of Sahul about 47,000 years ago Journal of Archaeological Science [O'Connell, 2015 #27962]
Journal Article 2010 Habgood, Phillip J. Explanations for patterning in the 'package of traits' of modern human behaviour within Sahul Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Habgood, 2010 #28686]