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Book 1989 Boyes, Jon A life apart: viewed from the hills [Boyes, 1989 #19901]
Journal Article 2012 Kazuto Ikeda Two versions of Buddhist Karen history of the late British colonial period in Burma: <i>Kayin Chronicle</i> (1929) and <i>Kuyin Great Chronicle</i> (1931) Southeast Asian Studies [Kazuto 2012 #28286]
Book Section 2003 Hayami, Yoko The decline of founders' cults and changing configuration of power: village and forest among Karen in the Thai state Founders' cults in Southeast Asia: ancestors, polity, and identity [Hayami, 2003 #23239]
Book Section in a Series 1998 Steinmetz, Robert The ecological science of the Karen in Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, western Thailand Indigenous peoples and protected areas in South and Southeast Asia: from principles to practice [Steinmetz, 1998 #25557]
Journal Article 2001 Maniratanavongsiri, Chumpol The Karen response to Thai conservation policies Indigenous Affairs [Maniratanavongsiri, 2001 #28665]
Thesis 1979 Renard, Ronald Duane Kariang : history of Karen-T'ai relations from the beginnings to 1923 [Renard, 1979 #36397]
Journal Article 1984 Rajah, Ananda 'Au' ma xae: domestic ritual and the ideology of kinship among the Sgaw Karen of Palokhi, Northern Thailand Mankind [Rajah, 1984 #30332]
Journal Article 1929 Marshall, H. I. Karen bronze drums Journal of the Burma Research Society [Marshall, 1929 #31604]
Journal Article 1922 Walton, E. J. The Yang Kalo' (Karieng) or White Karens Journal of the Siam Society [Walton, 1922 #34099]
Journal Article 1964 Obayashi, Taryo The Lawa and Sgau Karen in northwestern Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Obayashi, 1964 #34163]
Journal Article 1996 Omori, Kinuko Dietary patterns and dietary adequacy of highland PWO and SGAW Karen of northwest Thailand Ecology of Food and Nutrition [Omori, 1996 #34571]
Book Section 1973 Hinton, Peter Population dynamics and dispersal trends among the Karen of northern Thailand Studies of contemporary Thailand [Hinton, 1973 #24791]
Book Section 1986 Cooler, Richard M. The use of Karen bronze drums in the royal courts and Buddhist temples of Burma and Thailand: a continuing Mon tradition? Papers from a conference on Thai studies in honor of William J. Gedney [Cooler, 1986 #24829]
Book Section 1967 Kunstadter, Peter The Lua and Skaw Karen of Maehongson Province, northwestern Thailand Southeast Asian tribes, minorities, and nations [Kunstadter, 1967 #24922]
Book Section 1978 Kunstadter, Peter Subsistence agricultural economies of Lua' and Karen Hill farmers, Mae Sariang District, northwestern Thailand Farmers in the forest: economic development and marginal agriculture in northern Thailand [Kunstadter, 1978 #24960]
Book Section 1978 Hinton, Peter Declining production among sedentary swidden cultivators: the case of the Pwo Karen Farmers in the forest: economic development and marginal agriculture in northern Thailand [Hinton, 1978 #24957]
Book Section 1990 Ajanda Rajah, Ethnicity, nationalism, and the nation-state: the Karen in Burma and Thailand Ethnic groups across national boundaries in mainland Southeast Asia [Ajanda 1990 #25036]