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Journal Article 1993 Ptak, Roderich Yuan and early Ming notices on the Kayal area in south India Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Ptak, 1993 #32030]
Book 1998 Guy, John Woven cargoes: Indian textiles in the east [Guy, 1998 #20542]
Book 1978 Singh, H. B. Wild edible plants of India [Singh, 1978 #19872]
Book Section in a Series 1998 Dangwal, Parmesh Whose forests are they anyway? A case study of the proposed Rajaji National Park in northwest India Indigenous peoples and protected areas in South and Southeast Asia: from principles to practice [Dangwal, 1998 #25560]
Book Section 1974 Rao, M. V. Wheat Evolutionary studies in world crops [Rao, 1974 #23323]
Book Section 2013 Blench, Roger Was there once a zone of vegeculture linking Melanesia with Northeast India? Pacific archaeology: documenting the past 50,000 years [Blench, 2013 #22540]
Book Section 1987 Champalakshimi, R. Urbanization in south India: the role of ideology and polity Indian History Congress: proceedings of the forty-seventh session Kashmir University, Srinagar, 1986 [Champalakshimi, 1987 #23897]
Book 1988 Erdosy, George Urbanisation in early historic India [Erdosy, 1988 #20604]
Book 1946 Facheux, J. A. Une vielle cité indienne près de Pondicherry [Facheux, 1946 #20597]
Journal Article 1992 Skilling, Peter Two ports of Suvarṇabhūmi: a brief note Journal of the Siam Society [Skilling, 1992 #36700]
Journal Article 1990 Francis, Peter, Jr. Two bead strands from Andhra Pradesh, India Asian Perspectives (1990) [Francis, 1990 #32965]
Book (Edited) 1969 Barkataki, S. Tribes of Assam India—the land and people [Barkataki, 1969 #21349]
Journal Article 2001 Sode, Torben Traditional raw glass production in northern India: the final stage of an ancient technology Journal of Glass Studies [Sode, 2001 #28207]
Book Section 2015 Krishna, Nanditha Traditional jewellery of South India Metals and civilizations [Krishna, 2015 #22383]
Book 1991 Gillow, John Traditional Indian textiles [Gillow, 1991 #19942]
Journal Article 1995 Morrison, Kathleen D. Trade, urbanism, and agricultural expansion: Buddhist monastic institutions and the state in the early historic Western Deccan World Archaeology [Morrison, 1995 #29197]
Book 1966 Chakraborti, Haripada Trade and commerce of ancient India, c. 200 B.C.-c. 650 A.D. [Chakraborti, 1966 #20699]
Journal Article 1959 Steadman, L. T. Trace elements in ancient Indian teeth Journal of Dental Research [Steadman, 1959 #34489]
Journal Article 2007 Bauer, Andrew M. Toward a political ecology in early South India: preliminary considerations of the sociopolitics of land and animal use in the southern Deccan, Neolithic through Early Historic periods Asian Perspectives (2007) [Bauer, 2007 #29999]
Journal Article 2005 Rispoli, Fiorella To the West and India East and West [Rispoli, 2005 #29589]
Conference Proceeding 1987 The XIV International Congress on Glass, 1986, New Delhi, India International Congress on Glass [ 1987 #26562]
Journal Article 1995 Hassan, Jamal The World Archaeological Congress in India: politicizing the past Antiquity [Hassan, 1995 #29578]
Book 1954 Basham, A. L. The wonder that was India: a survey of the history and culture of the Indian sub-continent before the coming of the Muslims [Basham, 1954 #20758]
Book Section 1984 Fritz, John The Vijayanagara documentation and research project: a progress report South Asian Archaeology 1981. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe Held in Cambridge University 5-10 July 1981 [Fritz, 1984 #23334]
Book 1951 Majumdar, Ramesh Chandra The Vedic age [Majumdar, 1951 #20414]
Book Section 1990 Roy, T. N. The ushering of iron age in Indian context South Asian Archaeology 1987. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe, held in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice [Roy, 1990 #23267]
Book 1982 Sharma, M. J. The upper paleolithic culture of India [Sharma, 1982 #20180]
Journal Article 1994 Pillai, S. G. K. The thermomechanical processing of high-tin bronzes - an old practice in a South Indian village Journal of Metals [Pillai, 1994 #28935]
Book 1879 Cunningham, Sir Alexander The Stupa of Bharhut [Cunningham, 1879 #20658]
Thesis 1962 Mohapatra, Gopal Chandra The Stone Age culture of Orissa [Mohapatra, 1962 #36376]