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Journal Article 2002 Hiscock, Peter Pattern and Context in the Holocene Proliferation of Backed Artifacts in Australia Thinking Small: Global Perspectives on Microlithization [Hiscock, 2002 #19035]
Journal Article 2002 Elston, Robert G. Microlithic Technology in Northern Asia: A Risk-Minimizing Strategy of the Late Paleolithic and Early Holocene Thinking Small: Global Perspectives on Microlithization [Elston, 2002 #19032]
Book Section 2015 Huffer, Damien Investigating activity and mobility patterns during the mid-Holocene in northern Vietnam The Routledge handbook of bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands [Huffer, 2015 #22482]
Book Section in a Series 2007 O'Connor, Sue Liang Nabulei Lisa: a late Pleistocene and Holocene sequence from the Aru Islands The archaeology of the Aru Islands, eastern Indonesia [O'Connor, 2007 #25396]
Journal Article 2012 Lloyd-Smith, Lindsay Early Holocene burial practice at Niah Cave, Sarawak Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Lloyd-Smith, 2012 #28135]
Thesis 2011 Amano, Noel The faunal remains of Nagsabaran in Cagayan, northern Philippines: subsistence stratagies in the late Holocene Archaeological Studies [Amano, 2011 #36317]
Book Section in a Series 2013 Rabett, Ryan J. Landscape transformations and human responses, <i>c</i>. 11,500-<i>c</i>. 4500 years ago Rainforest foraging and farming in island Southeast Asia: the archaeology of the Niah Caves, Sarawak [Rabett, 2013 #25482]
Book Section 2014 White, Joyce C. The transmission of early bronze technology to Thailand: new perspectives Archaeometallurgy in global perspective: methods and syntheses [White, 2014 #22780]
Journal Article 2013 Forestier, Hubert The open-air site of Huai Hin (northwestern Thailand): chronological perspectives for the Hoabinhian Comptes Rendus Palevol [Forestier, 2013 #28258]
Journal Article 2013 Lara, M. Bone modifications in an early Holocene cremation burial from Palawan, Philippines International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Lara, 2013 #28278]
Thesis Huffer, Damien The ties that bind: population dynamics, mobility and kinship during the mid-Holocene in northern Vietnam School of Archaeology and Anthropology [Huffer, #36331]
Thesis 1962 Mohapatra, Gopal Chandra The Stone Age culture of Orissa [Mohapatra, 1962 #36376]
Book Section 2008 Marwick, Ben Human behavioural ecology and stone artefacts in northwest Thailand during the terminal Pleistocene and Holocene From <i>Homo erectus</i> to the living traditions [Marwick, 2008 #23692]
Journal Article 1897 Hamy, E. T. L'Age de la pierre dans l'arrondissement de Bien Hoa (Cochinchine française) Bulletin du Musée Historique National [Hamy, 1897 #29608]
Journal Article 1999 Forrestier, H. L'assemblage industriel de Song Keplek, Java Est. Un nouveau regard sur l'outillage lithique de l'homme moderne au début de l'Holocène en Indonésie Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Forrestier, 1999 #29727]
Journal Article 1960 Von Koenigswald, G. H. R. Preliminary report on a newly-discovered stone age culture from northern Luzon, Philippine Islands Asian Perspectives (1958) [Von 1960 #31118]
Journal Article 1958 Lal, B. B. Birbhanpur, a microlithic site in the Damodar Valley Ancient India [Lal, 1958 #31630]
Journal Article 2002 Gaillard, Claire Discovery of recent lithic industries with archaic features in the Hindu Kush Range (Chitral District north Pakistan) Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Gaillard, 2002 #31765]
Journal Article 1927 Heine-Geldern, Robert Die Steinzeit Südostasiens Sitzungsberichte der Anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien [Heine-Geldern, 1927 #32483]
Journal Article 2002 Fu Xianguo, The Dingsishan site and the prehistory of Guangxi, south China Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Fu 2002 #32667]
Journal Article 1974 Marschall, Wolfgang On the Stone Age in Indonesia Tribus [Marschall, 1974 #34009]
Journal Article 1892 Balfour, Henry Stone implements from the Malay peninsula in the Pitt-Rivers Museum Archaeologia Oxoniensis [Balfour, 1892 #34117]
Journal Article 1971 Gorman, Chester Francis The Hoabinhian and after: subsistence patterns in Southeast Asia during the Late Pleistocene and Early Recent Periods World Archaeology [Gorman, 1971 #34695]
Journal Article 1976 Anzai, Masahito Stone artifacts collected at prehistoric cave sites in Laos Journal of the Archaeological Society of Nippon (考古學雑誌) [Anzai, 1976 #35316]
Book Section in a Series 1987 Anderson, Douglas D. A late Pleistocene-early Holocene archaeological site in southwestern Thailand Proceedings of the International Conference on Thai Studies [Anderson, 1987 #26157]
Journal Article 1957 Heider, Karl G. New archaeological discoveries in Kanchanburi Journal of the Siam Society [Heider, 1957 #35467]
Journal Article 1969 Koch, K. E. Some newly discovered prehistoric sites in northern Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Koch, 1969 #35462]
Journal Article 1990 Reynolds, Timothy E. G. Problems in the stone age of Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Reynolds, 1990 #35446]
Journal Article 1941 Seidenfaden, Erik On a find of Neolithic implements Journal of the Siam Society [Seidenfaden, 1941 #35445]
Book Section 1998 Bui Vinh, The stone age archaeology in Viêt Nam: achievements and general model Southeast Asian Archaeology 1994: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archeologists [Bui 1998 #24871]