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Journal Article 2010 Haidle, Miriam N. Pleistocene modernity: an exclusively Afro-European issue? An introduction to Session A1 Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Haidle, 2010 #28688]
Journal Article 1999 Day, Peter M. Group therapy in Crete: a comparison between analyses by NAA and thin section petrography of early Minoan pottery Journal of Archaeological Science [Day, 1999 #28768]
Journal Article 1990 Sherratt, Andrew The genesis of megaliths: monumentality, ethnicity, and social complexity in neolithic North-West Europe World Archaeology [Sherratt, 1990 #28789]
Book Section 1996 MacDowall, D. W. The evidence of the gazetteer of Roman artefacts in India Tradition and archaeology: early maritime contacts in the Indian Ocean [MacDowall, 1996 #23429]
Book Section 1978 Raschke, Manfred G. New studies in Roman commerce with the East Aufstieg und Niedergang der Romischen Welt [Raschke, 1978 #23440]
Book Section 2003 Kiriatzi, Evangelia Sherds, fabrics and clay sources: reconstructing the ceramic landscapes of prehistoric Kythera Proceedings of the 9th International Aegean Conference, New Haven, Yale University [Kiriatzi, 2003 #23480]
Journal Article 2007 Loney, H. Prehistoric Italian pottery production: motor memory, motor development and technological transfer Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology [Loney, 2007 #29017]
Journal Article 1990 Blitzer, H. Storage-jar production and trade in the traditional Aegean Hesperia [Blitzer, 1990 #29024]
Journal Article 2003 Moody, Jennifer Ceramic fabric analysis and survey archaeology: the Sphakia survey Annual of the British School at Athens [Moody, 2003 #29026]
Journal Article 2004 Ballard, C. The ship as symbol in the prehistory of Scandinavia and Southeast Asia World Archaeology [Ballard, 2004 #29051]
Book (Edited) 1977 Megaw, J. V. S. Hunters, gatherers and first farmers beyond Europe: an archaeological survey [Megaw, 1977 #21462]
Journal Article 1990 Woolf, Greg World-systems analysis and the Roman Empire Journal of Roman Archaeology [Woolf, 1990 #29249]
Book Section 1991 Whitehouse, David Epilogue: Roman trade in perspective Rome and India: the ancient sea trade [Whitehouse, 1991 #23610]
Book 1955 Wheeler, Sir Robert Eric Mortimer Rome beyond the imperial frontiers [Wheeler, 1955 #20390]
Journal Article 1994 Love, R. S. The making of an oriental despot: Louis XIV and the Siamese embassy of 1686 Journal of the Siam Society [Love, 1994 #29362]
Serial 1999 ABIA South and Southeast Asian art and archaeology index [ 1999 #36265]
Journal Article 1995 Fowler, Don Uses of the state: archaeology in the service of the state American Antiquity [Fowler, 1995 #29430]
Book Section 2000 Tringham, Ruth The continuous house: a view from the deep past Beyond kinship: social and material reproduction in house societies [Tringham, 2000 #23659]
Magazine Article 1985 Karklins, Karlis Early Amsterdam trade beads Ornament [Karklins, 1985 #36049]
Book 1989 Karttunen, K. India in early Greek literature [Karttunen, 1989 #20471]
Journal Article 1940 Jouveau-Dubreuil, Gabriel Les ruines romaines de Pondichéry Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Jouveau-Dubreuil, 1940 #29461]
Book 1995 Jargsdorf, Sibylle Glass beads from Europe [Jargsdorf, 1995 #20484]
Book in a Series 2007 Kohl, Philip L. The making of Bronze Age Eurasia [Kohl, 2007 #21737]
Journal Article 1954 Childe, V. Gordon The socketed celt in upper Eurasia Annual Report of the Institute of Archaeology of the University of London [Childe, 1954 #29498]
Book Section in a Series 2004 Gaigalas, Algirdas Environmental study of the Bronze-Iron Age transition period of eastern Europe Impact of the environment on human migration in Eurasia [Gaigalas, 2004 #25695]
Book Section in a Series 2004 Pazdur, Anna Archaeological cultures on the background of climatic changes in the Holocene, Poland Impact of the environment on human migration in Eurasia [Pazdur, 2004 #25691]
Journal Article 1988 Henderson, Julian Glass production and Bronze Age Europe Antiquity [Henderson, 1988 #29554]
Book Section in a Series 1997 Hancock, R. G. B. European white glass trade beads as chronological trade markers Materials issues in art and archaeology V [Hancock, 1997 #25745]
Journal Article 1983 Grose, David The formation of the Roman glass industry Archaeology [Grose, 1983 #29630]
Book (Edited) 1996 Graves-Brown, Peter Cultural identity and archaeology: the construction of European communities [Graves-Brown, 1996 #21489]