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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Journal Article 1978 Griffin, B. Ethnoarchaeology of Agta hunter-gatherers Archaeology [Griffin, 1978 #27641]
Book Section 1988 CadeliƱa, Rowe V. A comparison of Batak and Ata subsistence styles in two different social and physical environments Ethnic diversity and the control of natural resources in Southeast Asia [CadeliƱa, 1988 #22576]
Book Section 2000 Griffin, P. Bion Agta hunting and sustainability of resource use in northeastern Luzon, Philippines Hunting for sustainability in tropical rainforests [Griffin, 2000 #23146]
Book 1978 Peterson, John T. The ecology of social boundaries: Agta foragers of the Philippines [Peterson, 1978 #20251]
Journal Article 1989 Endicott, Kirk Review of "The Agta of northeastern Luzon - recent studies," P. Bion Griffin and Agnes Estioko-Griffin, editors Asian Perspectives (1986-1987) [Endicott, 1989 #33007]
Journal Article 1975 Estioko-Griffin, Agnes The Ebuked Agta of northeastern Luzon Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society [Estioko-Griffin, 1975 #34834]
Journal Article 1996 Griffin, P. Bion The cultural Identity of foragers and the Agta of Palanan, Isabela, the Philippines Anthropos [Griffin, 1996 #34813]
Book Section 1981 Estioko-Griffin, Agnes Woman the hunter: the Agta Woman the gatherer [Estioko-Griffin, 1981 #24750]
Book Section 1989 Griffin, P. Bion Hunting, farming and sedentism in a rain forest society Farmers as hunters: the implications for sedentism [Griffin, 1989 #24745]
Book (Edited) 1985 Griffin, P. Bion The Agta of northeastern Luzon: recent studies [Griffin, 1985 #21595]
Book 1985 Griffin, P. Bion Ethnoarchaeology and ethnography of Agta foragers [Griffin, 1985 #21155]