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Book 1996 Delarozière, Marie-Françoise Perles d'Afrique [Delarozière, 1996 #20648]
Book Section in a Series 1987 Larick, Roy The circulation of spears among Loikop cattle pastoralists of Samburu District, Kenya Research in Economic Anthropology [Larick, 1987 #25818]
Journal Article 1993 Childs, S. T. Indigenous African metallurgy: nature and culture Annual Review of Anthropology [Childs, 1993 #29877]
Book (Edited) 1975 Chittick, N. East Africa and the Orient: cultural syntheses in pre-colonial times [Chittick, 1975 #21513]
Journal Article 1980 Casson, Lionel Rome's trade with the east: the sea voyage to Africa and India Transactions of the American Philological Society [Casson, 1980 #29905]
Book 1947 Brain, C. K. The hunters or the hunted?: an introduction to African cave taphonomy [Brain, 1947 #20731]
Book 1971 Bloch, Maurice Placing the dead: tombs, ancestral villages and kinship organization in Madagascar [Bloch, 1971 #20742]
Journal Article 1965 Batistini, R. L'importance de l'homme dans les transformations protohistoriques du milieu naturel à Madagascar Taloha [Batistini, 1965 #29969]
Journal Article 1997 Bar-Yosef Mayer, D. E. Neolithic shell bead production in Sinai Journal of Archaeological Science [Bar-Yosef 1997 #29967]
Book Section 1971 Batistini, R. Temoine archéologique sur la côte Vezo Civilisation de Madagascar: art et archéologie, anthropologie sociale [Batistini, 1971 #23941]
Journal Article 1983 Allibert, Claude Le site de Bagamoyo (Mayotte, archipel des Comores) Études Océan Indien [Allibert, 1983 #30002]
Journal Article 1993 Aiello, Leslie C. The fossil evidence for modern human origins in Africa: a revised review American Anthropologist [Aiello, 1993 #30016]
Thesis-PhD 2001 Lurie, Mark Nathan Migration and the spread of HIV in South Africa [Lurie, 2001 #36526]
Thesis-PhD 1991 White, Christine Diana Isotopic analysis of multiple human tissues from three ancient Nubian populations [White, 1991 #36509]
Journal Article 2005 Dlamini, N. An investigation of the frequency of squatting facets in later stone age foragers from South Africa International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Dlamini, 2005 #30145]
Journal Article 2004 Wu, Xinzhi On the origin of modern humans in China Quaternary International [Wu, 2004 #30693]
Journal Article 2004 Pietrusewsky, Michael Review of "Genetic, linguistic, and archaeological perspectives on human diversity in Southeast Asia," by Li Jin, Mark Seielstad, and Chunjie Xiao, eds. Asian Perspectives (2004) [Pietrusewsky, 2004 #31157]
Journal Article 1963 Vérin, Pierre Michel Rétrospective et problèmes de l’archéologie à Madagascar Asian Perspectives (1962) [Vérin, 1963 #31196]
Journal Article 1986 Horton, Mark Asiatic colonization of the East African coast: the Manda evidence Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland [Horton, 1986 #31498]
Journal Article 2001 Hawks, John D. The four faces of Eves: hypothesis compatibility and human origins Quaternary International [Hawks, 2001 #31796]
Journal Article 2001 Kramer, Andrew Out of Africa and into the Levant: replacement or admixture in Western Asia Quaternary International [Kramer, 2001 #31795]
Journal Article 2001 Graver, Alison M. Mitochondrial DNA research in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt: a preliminary report Ancient Biomolecules [Graver, 2001 #32454]
Journal Article 1998 Deakin, William J. The Sorghum of Qasr Ibrim: reconstructing DNA templates from ancient seeds Ancient Biomolecules [Deakin, 1998 #32431]
Journal Article 1998 Deakin, W. J. Amplification and sequencing of DNA from preserved sorghum of up to 2800 years antiquity found at Qasr Ibrim Ancient Biomolecules [Deakin, 1998 #32416]
Journal Article 1963 Vérin, Pierre Madagascar Asian Perspectives (1962) [Vérin, 1963 #33519]
Journal Article 1964 Vérin, Pierre Madagascar Asian Perspectives (1963) [Vérin, 1964 #33480]
Journal Article 1973 Kahlke, H. D. A review of the Pleistocene history of the Orang-Utan (Pongo Lacépède 1799) Asian Perspectives (1972) [Kahlke, 1973 #33266]
Journal Article 2001 Dupras, Tosha L. Infant feeding and weaning practices in Roman Egypt American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Dupras, 2001 #34380]
Journal Article 1998 Iacumin, P. Stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes as dietary indicators of ancient Nubian populations (Northern Sudan) Journal of Archaeological Science [Iacumin, 1998 #34364]
Journal Article 2000 Sealy, Judith Diet, Body Size, and Landscape Use among Holocene People in the Southern Cape, South Africa Current Anthropology [Sealy, 2000 #34330]