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Newspaper Article 1947 van Heekeren, H. R. Romance of archaeology: stone axes from the "railroad of death" Illustrated London News [van 1947 #36119]
Newspaper Article 1937 Janse, Olov Robert Thure Han dynasty art as developed in Indo-China Illustrated London News [Janse, 1937 #36129]
Journal Article 1936 Stein Callenfels, Pieter Vincent van New and unexpected light on the Java ape-man, pithecanthropus Illustrated London News [Stein 1936 #30274]
Journal Article 1934 Stein Callenfels, P. V. van Implements used by Solo Man at least 40,000 years ago?: tools associated with the mid-Pleistocene Javanese Illustrated London News [Stein 1934 #30524]
Newspaper Article 1955 Sieveking, G. de G. Archaeology in the midst of terrorists: excavating an important stone age site in the Malayan jungles, at Gua Cha, Kelantan Illustrated London News [Sieveking, 1955 #36135]
Newspaper Article 1935 Stein Callenfels, P. V. van An advance in Far-Eastern prehistory: Prehistoric kitchen-middens in the straits settlements: ancient shell-heaps at Guak Kepah, containing relics of an australo-melanoid culture in the Malay peninsula Illustrated London News [Stein 1935 #36140]