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Journal Article 1992 Bishop, Paul River bank erosion and the decline of the Sisatchanalai ceramics industry of north central Thailand Holocene [Bishop, 1992 #33853]
Journal Article 2012 Crawford, G. W. Early rice exploitation in the lower Yangzi Valley: what are we missing? Holocene [Crawford, 2012 #27865]
Journal Article 2016 Crawford, Gary W. People and plant interaction at the Houli Culture Yuezhuang site in Shandong Province, China Holocene [Crawford, 2016 #27601]
Journal Article 2009 Denham, Tim Agricultural emergence and transformation in the Upper Wahgi valley, Papua New Guinea, during the Holocene: theory, method and practice Holocene [Denham, 2009 #28596]
Journal Article 2011 Fuller, Dorian Q. The contribution of rice agriculture and livestock pastoralism to prehistoric methane levels: an archaeological assessment Holocene [Fuller, 2011 #28453]
Journal Article 2012 Funabiki, Ayako Natural levees and human settlement in the Song Hong (Red River) Delta, Northern Vietnam Holocene [Funabiki, 2012 #27850]
Journal Article 2016 Gui Yun Jin, Archaeobotanical records of middle and late neolithic agriculture from Shandong Province, East China, and a major change in regional subsistence during the Dawenkou Culture Holocene [Gui 2016 #27600]
Journal Article 2005 Horton, B. P. Holocene sea levels and palaeoenironments, Malay-Thai Peninsula, southeast Asia Holocene [Horton, 2005 #30412]
Journal Article 2006 Ji Shen, The Holocene vegetation history of Lake Erhai, Yunnan province southwestern China: the role of climate and human forcings Holocene [Ji 2006 #29493]
Journal Article 2012 Liu, T. Migration of neolithic settlements in the Dongting Lake are of the middle Yangtze River Basin, China: lake-level and monsoon climate responses Holocene [Liu, 2012 #27794]
Journal Article 2008 Maher, B. A. Holocene variability of the East Asian summer monsoon from Chinese cave records: a re-assessment Holocene [Maher, 2008 #28049]
Journal Article 2003 Morrill, Carrie A synthesis of abrupt changes in the Asian summer monsoon since the last deglaciation Holocene [Morrill, 2003 #31964]
Journal Article 2016 Sakonvan Chawchai, Lake Kumphawapi revisited - the complex climatic and environmental record of a tropical wetland in NE Thailand Holocene [Sakonvan 2016 #27706]
Journal Article 2018 Silva, Fabio A tale of two rice varieties: modeling the prehistoric dispersals of  japonica  and proto-japonica rices Holocene [Silva, 2018 #36840]
Journal Article 2016 Stevens, Chris J. Between China and South Asia: a middle Asian corridor of crop dispersal and agricultural innovation in the bronze age Holocene [Stevens, 2016 #27602]
Journal Article 2016 Ting Ma, Pollen- and charcoal-based evidence for climatic and human impact on vegetation in the northern edge of Wuyi Mountains, China, during the last 8200 years Holocene [Ting 2016 #27599]
Journal Article 1993 Zhaodong Feng, Temporal and spatial variations in climate in China during the last 10,000 years Holocene [Zhaodong 1993 #29747]