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Journal Article 2009 Oxenham, M. F. A case of lower limb paralysis in an adult male dated to 3800-3400 BP, northern Vietnam: implications for quality of life and care HOMO [Oxenham, 2009 #27677]
Journal Article 2005 Matsumura, Hirofumi A morphometric analysis of the Late Pleistocene human skeleton from the Moh Khiew Cave in Thailand HOMO [Matsumura, 2005 #30533]
Journal Article 1971 Hengen, O. P. Cribra orbitalia: pathogenesis and probable etiology HOMO [Hengen, 1971 #30587]
Journal Article 1999 King, Christopher A. Sex Determination from Thai Tibiae HOMO [King, 1999 #34838]
Journal Article 1974 Pietrusewsky, Michael Neolithic populations of Southeast Asia studied by multivariate craniometric analysis HOMO [Pietrusewsky, 1974 #35393]
Journal Article 1992 Pietrusewsky, Michael The skeletal biology of an historic Hawaiian cemetery: familial relationships HOMO [Pietrusewsky, 1992 #35390]
Journal Article 1981 Pietrusewsky, Michael Cranial variation in early metal age Thailand and Southeast Asia studied by multivariate procedures HOMO [Pietrusewsky, 1981 #35882]