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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Journal Article 1963 Flint, Richard Foster Pleistocene climates in low latitudes Geographical Review [Flint, 1963 #27870]
Journal Article 1939 de Terra, Helmut The Quaternary terrace system of southern Asia and the age of man Geographical Review [de 1939 #31121]
Journal Article 1968 Chang, Jen-Hu The agricultural potential of the humid tropics Geographical Review [Chang, 1968 #33744]
Journal Article 1969 Chang, Jen-Hu Some aspects of climatic fluctuations since the Pleistocene Geographical Review [Chang, 1969 #35251]
Journal Article 1967 Harris, David R. New light on plant domestication and the origins of agriculture: a review Geographical Review [Harris, 1967 #35287]