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Journal Article 2019 McAdams, Conor The Pleistocene geoarchaeology and geochronology of Con Moong Cave, North Vietnam: site formation processes and hominin activity in the humid tropics Geoarchaeology [McAdams, 2019 #18917]
Journal Article 2019 Moffat, Ian Using ground penetrating radar to understand the failure of the Koh Ker Reservoir, Northern Cambodia Geoarchaeology [Moffat, 2019 #18910]
Journal Article 2010 Demeter, Fabrice Reinterpretation of an archaeological pebble culture from the Middle Mekong River Valley, Cambodia Geoarchaeology [Demeter, 2010 #27754]
Journal Article 2016 Guedes, Jade d'Alpoim Lost foraging opportunities for East Asian hunter-gatherers due to rising sea level since the Last Glacial Maximum Geoarchaeology [Guedes, 2016 #27811]
Journal Article 2010 Cawte, Hayden James Laterite nodules: a credible source of iron ore in iron age northeast Thailand? Geoarchaeology [Cawte, 2010 #28348]
Journal Article 2008 McGrath, Roger J. The paleohydrological context of the Iron Age floodplain sites of the Mun River Valley, Northeast Thailand Geoarchaeology [McGrath, 2008 #29052]
Journal Article 2007 Lewis, Helen Preliminary soil micromorphology studies of landscape and occupation history at Tabon Cave, Palawan, Philippines Geoarchaeology [Lewis, 2007 #29422]
Journal Article 2003 Parr, J. F. Response to Cotter and Cotter: confirming the probable industrial origin of archaeological daub at an Iron Age site in northeast Thailand Geoarchaeology [Parr, 2003 #31254]
Journal Article 2000 Zhao, Zhijun Late Pleistocene/Holocene environments in the Middle Yangtze River Valley, China and rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i> L.) domestication: the phytolith evidence Geoarchaeology [Zhao, 2000 #32523]
Journal Article 2003 Bishop, Paul A 3.5 ka record of paleoenvironments and human occupation at Angkor Borei, Mekong Delta, southern Cambodia Geoarchaeology [Bishop, 2003 #32661]
Journal Article 2001 Schwarcz, H. P. Dating methods for sediments of caves and rockshelters with examples from the Mediterranean region Geoarchaeology [Schwarcz, 2001 #33710]
Journal Article 2001 Hansen, Julie Macroscopic plant remains from Mediterranean caves and rockshelters: avenues of interpretation Geoarchaeology [Hansen, 2001 #33707]
Journal Article 2001 Balek, Cynthia L. Buried artifacts in stable upland sties and the role of bioturbation: A review Geoarchaeology [Balek, 2001 #33706]
Journal Article 2001 Farrand, William R. Sediments and stratigraphy in rockshelters and caves: A personal perspective on principles and pragmatics Geoarchaeology [Farrand, 2001 #33705]
Journal Article 2001 Dickinson, William R. Geologic sources and geographic distribution of sand tempers in prehistoric potsherds from the Mariana Islands Geoarchaeology [Dickinson, 2001 #33704]
Journal Article 1990 Maloney, B. K. Khok Phanom Di, central Thailand: chemical analysis of pollen core KL2 and AMS radiocarbon dates from cores KL2 and BMR 2 Geoarchaeology [Maloney, 1990 #33854]
Journal Article 2002 Parr, J. F. The probable industrial origin of archaeological daub at an Iron Age site in northeast Thailand Geoarchaeology [Parr, 2002 #33878]
Journal Article 1999 Boyd, William E. The geoarchaeology of Iron Age "moated" sites of the Upper Mae Nam Mun Valley, N.E. Thailand. I: Palaeodrainage, site-landscape relationships and the origins of the "moats" Geoarchaeology [Boyd, 1999 #34149]
Journal Article 2000 Surovell, Todd A. Radiocarbon dating of bone apatite by step heating Geoarchaeology [Surovell, 2000 #34321]
Journal Article 1997 Anderson, Douglas D. Cave archaeology in Southeast Asia Geoarchaeology [Anderson, 1997 #35485]
Journal Article 1988 Maloney, Bernard K. The environmental setting of Khok Phanom Di, central Thailand Geoarchaeology [Maloney, 1988 #35674]
Journal Article 1991 Piperno, Dolores R. Paleoecological perspectives on human adaptation in central Panama. I. The Pleistocene Geoarchaeology [Piperno, 1991 #35661]