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Journal Article 1999 Cordain, L. Scant evidence of periodic starvation among hunter-gatherers Diabetologia [Cordain, 1999 #34746]
Journal Article 1998 Reaven, G. M. Hypothesis: muscle insulin resistence is the ("not so") thrifty genotype Diabetologia [Reaven, 1998 #34545]
Journal Article 1994 Dowse, G. K. Betel-nut chewing and diabetes in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere [letter Diabetologia [Dowse, 1994 #34995]
Journal Article 1994 Boucher, B. J. Betel nut (Areca catechu) consumption and the induction of glucose intolerance in adult CD1 mice and in their F1 and F2 offspring [see comments] Diabetologia [Boucher, 1994 #34966]