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Journal Article 2017 Sikora, Martin A Genomic View of the Pleistocene
Population History of Asia
Current Anthropology [Sikora, 2017 #37344]
Journal Article 2016 Guedes, Jade d'Alpoim A 5,500-year model of changing crop niches on the Tibetan Plateau Current Anthropology [Guedes, 2016 #36847]
Journal Article 2017 Aubert, Maxime The timing and nature of human colonization of Southeast Asia in the Late Pleistocene: a rock art perspective Current Anthropology [Aubert, 2017 #26903]
Journal Article 2007 Bentley, R. A. Shifting gender relations at Khok Phanom Di, Thailand Current Anthropology [Bentley, 2007 #27678]
Journal Article 2010 Donohue, M. Farming and language in island Southeast Asia: reframing Austronesian history Current Anthropology [Donohue, 2010 #27718]
Journal Article 1961 Conklin, Harold C. The study of shifting cultivation Current Anthropology [Conklin, 1961 #27879]
Journal Article 1987 Knauft, Bruce M. Reconsidering violence in simple human societies: homicide among the Gebusi of New Guinea Current Anthropology [Knauft, 1987 #27924]
Journal Article 1976 Winzeler, Robert L. Ecology, culture, social organization, and state formation in Southeast Asia [and comments and reply] Current Anthropology [Winzeler, 1976 #28022]
Journal Article 2009 Campbell, Roderick B. Toward a networks and boundaries approach to early complex politics: the late Shang case Current Anthropology [Campbell, 2009 #28021]
Journal Article 2007 Szabó, Katherine Shell artefact production at 32,000-28,000 BP in island Southeast Asia: thinking across media? Current Anthropology [Szabó, 2007 #28190]
Journal Article 2012 Frachetti, Michael D. Multiregional emergence of mobile pastoralism and nonuniform institutional complexity across Eurasia Current Anthropology [Frachetti, 2012 #28299]
Journal Article 2011 Alberti, Benjamin “Worlds Otherwise”: Archaeology, Anthropology, and Ontological Difference Current Anthropology [Alberti, 2011 #28356]
Journal Article 1993 Harpending, Henry C. The genetic structure of ancient human populations Current Anthropology [Harpending, 1993 #28501]
Journal Article 2003 Henshilwood, Christopher S. The origin of modern human behavior Current Anthropology [Henshilwood, 2003 #28499]
Journal Article 2002 Dizon, Eusebio Notes on the morphology and age of the Tabon Cave fossil <i>Homo sapiens</i> Current Anthropology [Dizon, 2002 #28509]
Journal Article 2000 Eerkens, J. W. Practice makes within 5% of perfect: visual perception, motor skills, and memory in artifact variation Current Anthropology [Eerkens, 2000 #28553]
Journal Article 2009 Bellwood, Peter The dispersals of established food-producing populations Current Anthropology [Bellwood, 2009 #28872]
Journal Article 1979 Possehl, Gregory Hunter-gatherer/agriculturalist exchange in prehistory: an Indian example Current Anthropology [Possehl, 1979 #28933]
Journal Article 1975 Arnold, Dean E. Ceramic ecology of the Ayacucho Basin, Peru: implications for prehistory Current Anthropology [Arnold, 1975 #28983]
Journal Article 2003 Eerkens, J. W. Residential mobility and pottery use in the Western Great Basin Current Anthropology [Eerkens, 2003 #29016]
Journal Article 1988 David, Nicholas Why pots are decorated Current Anthropology [David, 1988 #29030]
Journal Article 1966 Woo, Ju-Kang The skull of Lantian Man Current Anthropology [Woo, 1966 #29240]
Journal Article 1982 Rukang, Wu Paleoanthropology in China, 1949-79 Current Anthropology [Rukang, 1982 #29245]
Journal Article 1999 Spriggs, Matthew Comment on H. M. Leach "Intensification in the Pacific: a critique of the archaeological criteria and their application" Current Anthropology [Spriggs, 1999 #29300]
Journal Article 1997 Knapp, A. B. The archaeology and anthropology of mining: social approaches to an industrial past Current Anthropology [Knapp, 1997 #29434]
Journal Article 1994 Kim, S. Burials, pigs and political prestige in Neolithic China Current Anthropology [Kim, 1994 #29441]
Journal Article 1968 Tugby, Donald J. A report on a world survey of field practices and problems: ethnological and allied work on Southeast Asia, 1950-1966 Current Anthropology [Tugby, 1968 #29475]
Journal Article 1970 Jacobson, Jerome Palaeolithic occupation floors in India Current Anthropology [Jacobson, 1970 #29516]
Journal Article 1976 Ikawa-Smith, Fukimo On ceramic technology in East Asia Current Anthropology [Ikawa-Smith, 1976 #29518]
Journal Article 1989 Headland, T. Hunter-gatherers and their neighbours from prehistory to the present Current Anthropology [Headland, 1989 #29576]