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Journal Article 1944 Khanolkar, V. R. Oral cancer in Bombay, India. A review of 1,000 consecutive cases Cancer Research [Khanolkar, 1944 #34899]
Journal Article 1985 Hoffman, D. Nicotine-derived N-nitrosamines and tobacco-related cancer: current status and future directions Cancer Research [Hoffman, 1985 #34913]
Journal Article 1946 Eisen, M. J. Betel chewing among natives of the Southwest Pacific Islands Cancer Research [Eisen, 1946 #34993]
Journal Article 1989 Sundqvist, K. Cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of areca nut-related compounds in cultured human buccal epithelial cells Cancer Research [Sundqvist, 1989 #35024]
Journal Article 1979 Yang, J. A. Inhibition of DNA synthesis in cultured lymphocytes and tumor cells by extracts of betel nut, tobacco, and miang leaf, plant substances associated with cancer of the ororespiratory epithelium Cancer Research [Yang, 1979 #35059]