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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Thesis 1971 Bayard, Donn Thomas A course toward what? Evolution, development and change at Non Nok Tha, Northeastern Thailand Anthropology [Bayard, 1971 #36275]
Thesis 2001 Oxenham, M. Health and behavior during the mid-holocene and metal period of north Viet Nam Anthropology [Oxenham, 2001 #36281]
Thesis 2010 Ikehara-Quebral, R. M. An assessment of health in early historic (200 BC to AD 200) inhabitants of Vat Komnou, Angkor Borei, southern Cambodia: a bioarchaeological perspective Anthropology [Ikehara-Quebral, 2010 #36289]
Thesis 2006 Sargeant, C. Iron age mortuary goods: a comparative study between Ban Non Wat and Noen U-Loke, northeast Thailand Anthropology [Sargeant, 2006 #36288]
Thesis 1996 Ratsamī Chusongdet Forager mobility organization in seasonal tropical environments: view from Lang Kamnan Cave, western Thailand Anthropology [Ratsamī 1996 #36307]
Thesis Hammerle, Esme An archaeological study of ancient beads from Cambodia Anthropology [Hammerle, #36314]
Thesis 2011 Niziolek, Lisa Christine Ceramic production and craft specialization in the prehispanic Philippines, A.D. 500 to 1600 Anthropology [Niziolek, 2011 #36329]
Thesis 2013 Gallon, Matt Ideology, identity and the construction of urban communities:the archaeology of Kamphaeng Saen, central Thailand (c. fifth to ninth century CE) Anthropology [Gallon, 2013 #36332]
Thesis 2012 Chin-hsin Liu, Human skeletal health and dietary assessment of metal age central Thailand: the impact of changing social complexity and regional variation Anthropology [Chin-hsin 2012 #36330]
Thesis 2013 Carter, Alison Kyra Trade, exchange, and sociopolitical development in iron age (500 BC – AD 500) mainland Southeast Asia: an examination of stone and glass beads from Cambodia and Thailand Anthropology [Carter, 2013 #36334]
Thesis 1999 Kitiarsa, Pattana You may not believe, but never offend the spirits: spirit-medium cult discourses and the postmodernization of Thai religion Anthropology [Kitiarsa, 1999 #36350]
Thesis 1984 Saxe, Arthur Alan Social dimensions of mortuary practices Anthropology [Saxe, 1984 #36353]
Thesis 2003 Stephen Acabado Land use and agricultural intensification: a GIS-based analysis of the Ifugao landscape, northern Philippines Anthropology [Stephen 2003 #36399]
Thesis 1996 Shoocongdej, Rasmi Forager mobility organization in seasonal tropical environments: a view from Lang Kamnan cave, western Thailand Anthropology [Shoocongdej, 1996 #36406]
Thesis 1996 Douglas, Michele Toomay Paleopathology in human skeletal remains from the Pre-Metal, Bronze, and Iron ages, northeastern Thailand Anthropology [Douglas, 1996 #36419]