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Journal Article 2020 Liu, Chin-hsin Bioarchaeology of prehistoric central Thailand: a heterarchical view American Anthropologist [Liu, 2020 #36879]
Journal Article 2017 Lertcharnrit, Thanik Archaeological heritage management in Thailand American Anthropologist [Lertcharnrit, 2017 #26991]
Journal Article 2005 Redman, Charles L. Resilience theory in archaeology American Anthropologist [Redman, 2005 #28082]
Journal Article 1990 Townsend, Patricia K. On the possibility/impossibility of tropical forest hunting and gathering American Anthropologist [Townsend, 1990 #28484]
Journal Article 2001 Henrich, Joseph Cultural transmission and the diffusion of innovations: adoption dynamics indicate that biased cultural transmission is the predominate force in behavioral change American Anthropologist [Henrich, 2001 #28548]
Journal Article 2010 Hannerz, Ulf Diversity is our business American Anthropologist [Hannerz, 2010 #28779]
Journal Article 1964 Raikes, Robert L. The end of the ancient cities of the Indus American Anthropologist [Raikes, 1964 #28895]
Journal Article 1954 Ford, James A. On the concept of types American Anthropologist [Ford, 1954 #28981]
Journal Article 1999 Washburn, D. K. Perceptual anthropology: the cultural salience of symmetry American Anthropologist [Washburn, 1999 #29028]
Journal Article 1985 Spriggs, M. Review of "Roots of the earth: crops in the highlands of Papua New Guinea" by Paul Sillitoe American Anthropologist [Spriggs, 1985 #29039]
Journal Article 1967 Lamberg-Karlovsky, C. C. Archaeology and metallurgical technology in prehistoric Afghanistan American Anthropologist [Lamberg-Karlovsky, 1967 #29399]
Journal Article 2008 Torres-Rouff, Christina The influence of Tiwanaku on life in the Chilean Atacama: mortuary and bodily perspectives American Anthropologist [Torres-Rouff, 2008 #29439]
Journal Article 1993 Aiello, Leslie C. The fossil evidence for modern human origins in Africa: a revised review American Anthropologist [Aiello, 1993 #30016]
Journal Article 1947 Loeb, Edwin M. Social organization and the long house in Southeast Asia American Anthropologist [Loeb, 1947 #30573]
Journal Article 1955 Movius, Hallam L. Jr. Recent research on early man in China American Anthropologist [Movius, 1955 #31600]
Journal Article 1961 Grace, George William Austronesian linguistics and culture history American Anthropologist [Grace, 1961 #31649]
Journal Article 1927 Guthe, Carl E. The University of Michigan Philippine expedition American Anthropologist [Guthe, 1927 #31650]
Journal Article 1962 Hanks, Lucien M. Power and merit in the Thai social order American Anthropologist [Hanks, 1962 #32491]
Journal Article 2002 Spielmann, Katherine A. Feasting, craft specialization, and the ritual mode of production in small-scale societies American Anthropologist [Spielmann, 2002 #33646]
Journal Article 2002 Dentan, R. K. Hawks, doves, and birds in the bush: a response to Keith Otterbein, Neil Whitehead, and Leslie Sponsel American Anthropologist [Dentan, 2002 #33645]
Journal Article 2002 Sosis, Richard Patch choice decisions among Ifaluk fishers American Anthropologist [Sosis, 2002 #33743]
Journal Article 1968 Bloombaum, Milton Tribes and traits: a smallest space analysis of cross-cultural data American Anthropologist [Bloombaum, 1968 #33835]
Journal Article 2002 Kealhofer, Lisa Changing perceptions of risk: the development of agro-ecosystems in Southeast Asia American Anthropologist [Kealhofer, 2002 #33907]
Journal Article 1948 Adams, Inez Rice cultivation in Asia American Anthropologist [Adams, 1948 #34073]
Journal Article 1946 Heine-Geldern, Robert, Freiherr von Research on Southeast Asia American Anthropologist [Heine-Geldern, 1946 #34154]
Journal Article 1989 Bailey, Robert C. Hunting and gathering in tropical rain forest? Is it possible? American Anthropologist [Bailey, 1989 #34800]
Journal Article 1962 Baker, Paul T. The application of ecological theory in anthropology American Anthropologist [Baker, 1962 #34797]
Journal Article 1986 Behrens, C. A. Shipibo food categorization and preference: relationships between Indigenous and Western dietary concepts American Anthropologist [Behrens, 1986 #34792]
Journal Article 1991 Colinvaux, Paul A. The rain-forest ecosystem as a resource for hunting and gathering American Anthropologist [Colinvaux, 1991 #34750]
Journal Article 1989 Cronk, Lee Low socioeconomic status and female-biased parental investment American Anthropologist [Cronk, 1989 #34745]