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Book Section 1987 Shi Meiguang, Investigation on some Chinese potash glasses excavated in Han dynasty tombs Archaeometry of glass: proceedings of the archaeometry session of the XIV International Congress On Glass 1986 [Shi 1987 #23577]
Book Section 1987 McKinnon, E. E. Chemical analyses of some glasses from Sumatra Archaeometry of Glass [McKinnon, 1987 #23622]
Book Section 1987 Brill, R. H. Chemical analyses of some early Indian glasses Archaeometry of Glass [Brill, 1987 #23904]
Conference Proceeding 1987 The XIV International Congress on Glass, 1986, New Delhi, India International Congress on Glass [ 1987 #26562]
Book Section 1987 Agrawal, D. P. Analysis of glass from Hulaskhera Archaeometry of Glass [Agrawal, 1987 #23959]