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Journal Article 1988 Vien Thieu, « Chat Thuong » tren hoa van trong dong. Nhan ki niem 700 nam chien thang Bach Dang [ « Thoung » character of decorations on bronze drums. On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Bach Dang victory] Khao Co Hoc [Vien 1988 #31061]
Book Section 1988 Babadzan, Alain <i>Kastom</i> and nation-building in the South Pacific Ethnicities and nations: processes of interethnic relations in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific [Babadzan, 1988 #22566]
Journal Article 1988 Ha Van Tan, 20 nam Vien Khao co hoc [20 years of the institute of Archaeology ] Khao Co Hoc [Ha 1988 #31069]
Journal Article 1988 Bush, M. A 7000 year vegetational history from lowland Amazon, Ecuador Vegetation [Bush, 1988 #35695]
Book Section 1988 Rawson, Jessica A bronze-casting revolution in the Western Zhou and its impact on provincial industries The Beginning of the Use of Metals and Alloys. Papers from the Second International Conference on the Beginning of the Use of Metals and Alloys, Zhengzhou, China, 21-26 October 1986 [Rawson, 1988 #24917]
Journal Article 1988 Di Crocco, Virginia M. A case for the Lawa Siam Society Newsletter [Di 1988 #35855]
Book Section 1988 Cadeliña, Rowe V. A comparison of Batak and Ata subsistence styles in two different social and physical environments Ethnic diversity and the control of natural resources in Southeast Asia [Cadeliña, 1988 #22576]
Book in a Series 1988 Smuckarn, Snit A culture in search of survival: the Phuan of Thailand and Laos [Smuckarn, 1988 #21783]
Journal Article 1988 Bellwood, Peter A hypothesis for Austronesian origins Asian Perspectives (1984-1985) [Bellwood, 1988 #33041]
Journal Article 1988 Spriggs, Matthew À la recherche du Singe Perdu: an earlier non-human primate in Australia Australian Primatology [Spriggs, 1988 #29259]
Book 1988 Clutton-Brock, Juliet A natural history of domesticated mammals [Clutton-Brock, 1988 #19977]
Journal Article 1988 Takayama, Jun A pandanus fruit scraper from Makin Island, Kiribati Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Takayama, 1988 #29157]
Journal Article 1988 Gedney, William J. A possible early Thai route to the sea Journal of the Siam Society [Gedney, 1988 #36721]
Journal Article 1988 Gwinnett, A. J. A possible lapidary training piece from Arikamedu Archaeomaterials [Gwinnett, 1988 #29615]
Book Section in a Series 1988 Prishanchit, Sayan A preliminary survey of lithic industries in Mae Hong Son, Nan and Uttaradit, northern Thailand Prehistoric studies: the stone and metal ages in Thailand [Prishanchit, 1988 #26366]
Journal Article 1988 Spriggs, Matthew A previously unreported bronze kettledrum from the Kai Islands, eastern Indonesia Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Spriggs, 1988 #35729]
Book Section 1988 Ashton, Peter S. A question of sustainable use People of the tropical rain forest [Ashton, 1988 #24993]
Journal Article 1988 Rajendran, R. A rare human model for oncogenesis Singapore Dental Journal [Rajendran, 1988 #35140]
Conference Paper 1988 Sun Shuyun, A study of corrosion products in ancient bronze drums from Guanxi, Yunnan and Guizhou province of China International Conference on Ancient Bronze Drums and Bronze Cultures in Southern China and Southeast Asia, 9-17 October 1988 [Sun 1988 #26468]
Conference Paper 1988 Guiver, T. A technical study of Chinese bronze mirrors Conference on Ancient Chinese and Southeast Asian Bronze Cultures [Guiver, 1988 #26523]
Journal Article 1988 Uytterschaut, Hilde Affinities of Philippine populations: an anthropological study based on human skull data Asian Perspectives (1984-1985) [Uytterschaut, 1988 #33046]
Journal Article 1988 Bellwood, Peter S. Affluence and ranking, Southeast Asian style Quarterly Review of Archaeology [Bellwood, 1988 #35701]
Journal Article 1988 Walker, Phillip L. Age and sex biases in the preservation of human skeletal remains American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Walker, 1988 #34445]
Journal Article 1988 Padoch, Christine Agriculture in interior Borneo: shifting cultivation and its alternatives Expedition [Padoch, 1988 #35852]
Journal Article 1988 Olson, Grant A. An aesthetics of rice Journal of the Siam Society [Olson, 1988 #36722]
Thesis-MA 1988 Choosiri, P. An analysis of human remains from Khok Phanom Di 1985 [Choosiri, 1988 #36483]
Journal Article 1988 Ambrose, W. R. An early bronze artefact from Papua New Guinea Antiquity [Ambrose, 1988 #30006]
Journal Article 1988 Murowchick, R. E. An examination of some early bronzes from Samreng Sen, Kampuchea Journal of the Historical Metallurgy Society [Murowchick, 1988 #33794]
Thesis 1988 Dizon, Eusebio Zamora An Iron Age in the Philippines? A critical examination Department of Anthropology [Dizon, 1988 #36395]
Thesis-PhD 1988 Dizon, Eusebio Z. An Iron Age in the Philippines? A critical examination [Dizon, 1988 #36625]