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Journal Article 1981 Diskul, M. C. Subhadradis Further notes on Prasat Muang Singh, Kanchanaburi province Journal of the Siam Society [Diskul, 1981 #36798]
Journal Article 1981 Miller, Terry E. The Ranat and Bong-Lang: the question of origin of the Thai xylophones Journal of the Siam Society [Miller, 1981 #36797]
Journal Article 1981 Dessaint, William Y. The T'in (Mal), dry rice cultivators of northern Thailand and northern Laos Journal of the Siam Society [Dessaint, 1981 #36796]
Journal Article 1981 Gosling, Betty Once more, Inscription II - an art historian's view Journal of the Siam Society [Gosling, 1981 #36795]
Journal Article 1981 Batson, Benjamin A. Kulab Saipradit and the 'war of life' Journal of the Siam Society [Batson, 1981 #36794]
Journal Article 1981 Peterson, Jean Treloggen Game, farming, and interethnic relations in northeastern Luzon, Philippines Human Ecology [Peterson, 1981 #26945]
Book in a Series 1981 Phoeun, Mak Chroniques royales du Cambodge: de 1594 à 1677 Collection de textes et documents sur l'Indochine [Phoeun, 1981 #21670]
Thesis 1981 Bunopas, S. Paleogeographic history of western Thailand and adjacent parts of South-East Asia : a plate tectonics interpretation Geology [Bunopas, 1981 #36344]
Book 1981 Nakornsri, Nikorn Geology and mineral resources of the map sheet Amphoe Ban Mi [Nakornsri, 1981 #20066]
Journal Article 1981 Subbarayappa, B. V. Cultural contours of iron in ancient India Science Today [Subbarayappa, 1981 #28714]
Journal Article 1981 Thorne, Alan G. Regional continuity in Australasian Pleistocene hominid evolution American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Thorne, 1981 #28737]
Journal Article 1981 Solheim, W. G. Notes on "Malay pottery" in East Malaysia and neighbouring areas Sarawak Museum Journal [Solheim, 1981 #28776]
Book Section 1981 Rooney, Dawn F. Uses of Khmer ceramics Khmer ceramics, 9th-14th century [Rooney, 1981 #23438]
Book 1981 Ryan, Lyndall The aboriginal Tasmanians [Ryan, 1981 #20205]
Book 1981 Ratnagar, Shereen Encounters: the westerly trade of the Harappa civilization [Ratnagar, 1981 #20218]
Journal Article 1981 Possehl, Gregory Cambay beadmaking: an ancient craft in modern India Expedition [Possehl, 1981 #28934]
Book 1981 Adhyatman, Sumarah Antique ceramics found in Indonesia: various uses and origins [Adhyatman, 1981 #20325]
Book 1981 Ambary, Hasan Muarif Excavation report at Pasar Ikan Jakarta [Ambary, 1981 #20324]
Book (Edited) 1981 Stock, Diana Khmer ceramics, 9th-14th century [Stock, 1981 #21456]
Book 1981 Willetts, William Y. Nonya ware and kitchen ch'ing [Willetts, 1981 #20330]
Book 1981 Omar, Matussin bin Archaeological excavations in protohistoric Brunei [Omar, 1981 #20344]
Book Section 1981 Rye, O. S. Chapter 5: Forming Pottery technology [Rye, 1981 #23501]
Book 1981 Rye, O. S. Pottery Technology [Rye, 1981 #20348]
Book 1981 Medley, Margaret T'ang pottery and porcelain [Medley, 1981 #20383]
Journal Article 1981 Wu, Xinzhi A well-preserved cranium of an archaic type of early <i>Homo sapiens</i> from Dali, China Scientia Sinica [Wu, 1981 #29234]
Journal Article 1981 Widia, I. Wayan Temuan nekara perunggu desa Pacung, Tejakula (On the bronze drum from Pacung village, Tejakula) Saraswati [Widia, 1981 #29266]
Journal Article 1981 Whitcomb, Donald Egypt and the spice trade Archaeology [Whitcomb, 1981 #29269]
Journal Article 1981 Spriggs, Matthew Water under the bridge: comments on Farrington and Bellwood's prehistoric irrigation hydrology of pondfield Taro Archaeology in Oceania [Spriggs, 1981 #29340]
Thesis 1981 Spriggs, Matthew Vegetable kingdoms: taro irrigation and Pacific prehistory University Microfilms [Spriggs, 1981 #36378]
Book Section 1981 Sung, Wen-hsun On man and culture of the Pleistocene in Taiwan Proceedings of the International Conference on Sinology [Sung, 1981 #23632]