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Thesis-PhD 1977 Kennedy, Jean Isabel A course toward diversity: economic interaction and cultural differentiation in prehistoric mainland Southeast Asia [Kennedy, 1977 #36493]
Book 1977 Eberhard, W. A history of China. 4th edition. [Eberhard, 1977 #20614]
Journal Article 1977 Bayard, Donn T. A novel pottery-manufacturing technique in western Loei Province, Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Bayard, 1977 #35942]
Book Section 1977 Gorman, Chester Francis A priori models and Thai prehistory: a reconsideration of agriculture in southeastern Asia Origins of agriculture [Gorman, 1977 #25080]
Journal Article 1977 Leach, B. Foss A rapid method of sourcing New Zealand lithic material using a low power XRF analyser Oceanic Prehistory Records [Leach, 1977 #33819]
Journal Article 1977 Bagley, R. W. A Shang city in Hupei Artibus Asiae [Bagley, 1977 #29979]
Book Section in a Series 1977 Yee, Foo Khong A systematic investigation of the Quaternary deposits of the Taiping coastal plain, peninsular Malaysia Quaternary geology of the Malay-Indonesian coastal and offshore areas [Yee, 1977 #26384]
Journal Article 1977 Premchit, Sommai A translation of  Tamnān Mūlasāsanā Wat Pā Daeng:   the chronicle of the founding of Buddhism of the Wat Pā Daeng tradition Journal of the Siam Society [Premchit, 1977 #36807]
Book Section 1977 Dalton, G. Aboriginal economics in stateless societies Exchange systems in prehistory [Dalton, 1977 #25177]
Journal Article 1977 Turner, Christy G., II Additional features of Ainu dentition American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Turner, 1977 #35218]
Book Section 1977 Harris, David R. Alternative pathways toward agriculture Origins of agriculture [Harris, 1977 #25156]
Journal Article 1977 Paddayya, K. An Acheulian occupation site at Hunsgi, Peninsular India: a summary of the results of two seasons of excavation. World Archaeology [Paddayya, 1977 #28992]
Thesis-PhD 1977 Chamberlain, James Robert An introduction to Proto-Tai zoology [Chamberlain, 1977 #36644]
Journal Article 1977 Le Xuân Diêm, Ancient moulds for casting bronze artifacts from the Dong Nai basin Khao Co Hoc [Le 1977 #33920]
Journal Article 1977 Legarda, Angelita G. Antique beads of the Philippine islands Arts of Asia [Legarda, 1977 #29386]
Book 1977 Li, C. Anyang [Li, 1977 #21207]
Book 1977 Yellen, John Archaeological approaches to the present: models for reconstructing the past Studies in Archaeology [Yellen, 1977 #19979]
Book Section in a Series 1977 Miksic, John N. Archaeology and palaeogeography in the Straits of Malacca Economic exchange and social interaction in Southeast Asia: perspectives from prehistory, history and ethnography [Miksic, 1977 #26342]
Thesis-PhD 1977 Dewar, R. E. Archaeology as ecological anthropology in central Taiwan [Dewar, 1977 #36501]
Thesis-PhD 1977 Takaki, Michiki Aspects of exchange in a Kalinga Society [Takaki, 1977 #36614]
Journal Article 1977 Gyllensvärd, B. Axel and Nora Lundgren's bequest of Chinese bronzes Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities [Gyllensvärd, 1977 #32581]
Journal Article 1977 Schamschula, R. G. Betel chewing and caries experience in New Guinea Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology [Schamschula, 1977 #35126]
Journal Article 1977 Smythies, J. R. Betel nut as a GABA blocker [letter] American Journal Psychiatry [Smythies, 1977 #35042]
Book 1977 Misra, Virendra N. Bhimbetka : prehistoric man and his art in Central India [Misra, 1977 #20366]
Journal Article 1977 Burleigh, Richard British Museum natural radiocarbon measurements IX Radiocarbon [Burleigh, 1977 #27954]
Journal Article 1977 Xia, Nai Carbon-14 dating and Chinese prehistory Kaogu [Xia, 1977 #29233]
Journal Article 1977 Miksic, John N. Ceramics from Muang Phan, Chiang Rai Province Journal of the Siam Society [Miksic, 1977 #36805]
Book Section in a Series 1977 Tija, H. D. Changes of sea-level in the southern South China Sea area during Quaternary times Quaternary geology of the Malay-Indonesian coastal and offshore areas [Tija, 1977 #26385]
Book 1977 Judd, Laurence C. Chao Rai Thai: dry rice farmers in northern Thailand [Judd, 1977 #21195]
Journal Article 1977 Carswell, John China and Islam: a survey of the coast of India and Ceylon Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society [Carswell, 1977 #29908]