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Journal Article 1969 Agrawal, D.P. Tata Institute radiocarbon date list VII Radiocarbon [Agrawal, 1969 #26619]
Book (Edited) 1969 Trager, Helen G. We the Burmese, voices from Burma [Trager, 1969 #21347]
Book (Edited) 1969 Barkataki, S. Tribes of Assam India—the land and people [Barkataki, 1969 #21349]
Book 1969 Jacobsen, H. S. Mineral Investigations in Northeast Thailand Geological Survey Professional Paper [Jacobsen, 1969 #20043]
Journal Article 1969 Bryner, Leonid Ore deposits of the Philippines Economic Geology [Bryner, 1969 #28480]
Book 1969 Bean, J. H. The iron-ore deposits of West Malaysia Economic Bulletin [Bean, 1969 #20062]
Book 1969 La Loubère, Simon de The Kingdom of Siam Oxford in Asia Historical Reprints [La 1969 #20072]
Conference Proceeding 1969 Ucko, Peter J. The domestication and exploitation of plants and animals Meeting of the Research Seminar in Archaeology and Related Subjects [Ucko, 1969 #26544]
Book 1969 Quaritch-Wales, H. G. Dvaravati: the earliest kingdom of Siam [Quaritch-Wales, 1969 #20232]
Book 1969 Pinto, Fernao Mendes The voyages and adventures of Fernand Mendez Pinto [Pinto, 1969 #20244]
Book 1969 Porée-Maspero, Eveline Étude sur les rites agraires des Cambodgiens [Porée-Maspero, 1969 #20240]
Journal Article 1969 Pearson, Richard J. Korea: news of archaeological museums and institutions Asian Perspectives (1967) [Pearson, 1969 #28949]
Book 1969 Needham, Joseph The grand titration: science and society in East and West [Needham, 1969 #20355]
Book 1969 Miller, James Innes The spice trade of the Roman Empire, 29 B.C. to A.D. 641 [Miller, 1969 #20368]
Journal Article 1969 Matthews, John M. A review of the 'Hoabinhian' in Indo-China Asian Perspectives (1966) [Matthews, 1969 #29288]
Book 1969 Masefield, G. B. The Oxford book of food plants [Masefield, 1969 #20395]
Report 1969 Sung, Wen-hsun Changpinian: a newly discovered preceramic culture from the agglomerate caves on the east coast of Taiwan - preliminary report [Sung, 1969 #36217]
Journal Article 1969 Hui-Lin Li, The vegetables of ancient China Economic Botany [Hui-Lin 1969 #29377]
Journal Article 1969 Larichev, V. E. The discovery of the Paleolithic in Korea (The Coulpo Culture) Arctic Anthropology [Larichev, 1969 #29392]
Conference Paper 1969 Hoskins, K. F. G. Aspects of the geology of the tin-field of Southeast Asia Second Technical Conference on Tin [Hoskins, 1969 #26443]
Journal Article 1969 Hooijer, D. A. The stegodon from Timor Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen [Hooijer, 1969 #29533]
Journal Article 1969 Glover, I. C. Puntutjarpa rockshelter excavations, by R. A. Gould: a critical review Archaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania [Glover, 1969 #29648]
Journal Article 1969 Glover, I. C. The use of factor analysis for the discovery of artifact types The Australian Journal of Anthropology [Glover, 1969 #29658]
Journal Article 1969 Fox, R. Professional primitives: hunterers and gatherers of nuclear South Asia Man in India [Fox, 1969 #29723]
Book 1969 Shrager, Arthur M. Elementary metallurgy and metallography [Shrager, 1969 #20586]
Book 1969 Epstein, H. Domestic animals of China [Epstein, 1969 #20606]
Book 1969 Eberhard, W. The local cultures of South and East China [Eberhard, 1969 #20615]
Book in a Series 1969 Gettens, Rutherford J. The Freer Chinese bronzes: vol. II: technical studies [Gettens, 1969 #21760]
Book 1969 Dikshit, M. G. History of Indian glass [Dikshit, 1969 #20637]
Book 1969 de Crespigny, R. The last of the Han [de 1969 #20652]