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Journal Article 1966 Thommeret, J. Monaco radiocarbon measurements II Radiocarbon [Thommeret, 1966 #26897]
Report 1966 Parker, H. Excavation at Pimai Preliminary Report Preliminary Reports on Excavations on Ban Na Di [Parker, 1966 #36145]
Book 1966 Groslier, B. P. Archaeologica Mundi: Indochine [Groslier, 1966 #19796]
Journal Article 1966 Osborne, M. Notes on early Cambodian provincial history: Isanapura and Sambhupura France-Asie [Osborne, 1966 #27776]
Book 1966 Crawford, Ann Caddell Customs and culture of Vietnam [Crawford, 1966 #19829]
Journal Article 1966 Clarke, William C. From extensive to intensive shifting cultivation: a succession from New Guinea Ethnology [Clarke, 1966 #27914]
Journal Article 1966 Chappell, J. Stone axe factories in the highlands of East New Guinea Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society (New Series) [Chappell, 1966 #28024]
Journal Article 1966 Pulleyblank, E. G. Chinese and Indo-Europeans Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland [Pulleyblank, 1966 #28626]
Journal Article 1966 Saurin, E. Un site archéologique à Dau-Giay Bulletin de l'Institut Recherches Archéologiques [Saurin, 1966 #28862]
Book 1966 Pemberton, Robert B. Report on the eastern frontier of British India [Pemberton, 1966 #20254]
Thesis 1966 Naik, Iqbal Abdul Razak The culture of the Nilgiri Hills, with its catalogue collection at the British Museum [Naik, 1966 #36368]
Book 1966 Wulff, Hans E. The traditional crafts of Persia: their development, technology, and influence on Eastern and Western civilizations [Wulff, 1966 #20384]
Journal Article 1966 Woo, Ju-Kang The skull of Lantian Man Current Anthropology [Woo, 1966 #29240]
Journal Article 1966 Lamb, A. A note on glass beads from the Malay Peninsula Journal of Glass Studies [Lamb, 1966 #29400]
Book Section 1966 Lamb, A. Old Middle Eastern glass in the Malay peninsula Essays offered to G. H. Luce [Lamb, 1966 #23642]
Book 1966 I-tsing A record of the Buddhist religion as practised in India and the Malay Archipelago [I-tsing 1966 #20502]
Book Section 1966 Heine-Geldern, Robert Some tribal art styles of Southeast Asia: an experiment in art history The many faces of primitive art [Heine-Geldern, 1966 #23769]
Journal Article 1966 Harrisson, Tom A stone and bronze tool cave in Sabah Asian Perspectives (1964) [Harrisson, 1966 #29583]
Journal Article 1966 Groslier, Bernard Philippe Découvertes archéologiques récentes au Cambodge Kambuja [Groslier, 1966 #29629]
Book (Edited) 1966 Fraser, D. The many faces of primitive art: a crtitical anthology [Fraser, 1966 #21493]
Journal Article 1966 Ferrell, R. The Formosan tribes: a preliminary linguistic, archaeological, and cultural synthesis Bulletin of the Institute of Ethnology [Ferrell, 1966 #29744]
Book Section in a Series 1966 Benedict, Burton Sociological characteristics of small territories and their implications for economic development The social anthropology of complex societies [Benedict, 1966 #25826]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1966 Banton, Michael The social anthropology of complex societies [Banton, 1966 #22073]
Book 1966 Coomaraswamy, Ananda Kentish Introduction to Indian art [Coomaraswamy, 1966 #20670]
Book 1966 Chakraborti, Haripada Trade and commerce of ancient India, c. 200 B.C.-c. 650 A.D. [Chakraborti, 1966 #20699]
Book 1966 Boulnois, Luce The silk road [Boulnois, 1966 #20735]
Book 1966 Boisselier, Jean Le Cambodge [Boisselier, 1966 #20739]
Journal Article 1966 Berthe, L. La terre, l'au-delà et les thèmes maritimes chez le Buna (Timor Centrale) Anthropos [Berthe, 1966 #29944]
Book 1966 Ansari, Zainuddin Dawood Excavations at Dwarka [Ansari, 1966 #20770]
Thesis-PhD 1966 Dentan, Robert K. Some Senoi Semai dietary restrictions: a study of food behavior in a Malayan hill tribe [Dentan, 1966 #36532]