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Journal Article 1955 Moréchand, Guy Principaux traits du chamanisme mèo blanc en Indochine Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Moréchand, 1955 #26881]
Book 1955 Clark, Wilfrid E. Le Gros The fossil evidence for human evolution: an introduction to the study of paleoanthropology The Scientist's Library. Biology and Medicine [Clark, 1955 #19841]
Journal Article 1955 Dupont, Pierre La Statuaire Préangkorienne Artibus Asiae, Supplementum [Dupont, 1955 #28365]
Book 1955 Tweedie, Michael Willmer Forbes Prehistoric Malaya [Tweedie, 1955 #20132]
Book 1955 Sinkankas, John Gem cutting: a lapidary's manual [Sinkankas, 1955 #20179]
Journal Article 1955 Picard, C. La lampe alexandrine de P'ong Tuk (Siam) Artibus Asiae [Picard, 1955 #28941]
Book 1955 Steward, Julian H. Theory of culture change: the methodology of multilinear evolution [Steward, 1955 #20280]
Book Section 1955 Almeida, A. Preliminary notice of a Paleolithic station in the eastern Malaysian archipelago (Portuguese Timor) Abstracts of papers, Eighth Pacific Science Congress [Almeida, 1955 #23575]
Book 1955 Wheeler, Sir Robert Eric Mortimer Rome beyond the imperial frontiers [Wheeler, 1955 #20390]
Book (Edited) 1955 van Leur, J. C. Indonesian trade and society: essays in Asian social and economic history [van 1955 #21469]
Journal Article 1955 Lal, B. B. Excavation at Hastinapur and other explorations in the upper Ganga and Sutlej basins 1950-1952 Ancient India [Lal, 1955 #29417]
Book 1955 Hall, D. G. E. A history of Southeast Asia [Hall, 1955 #20540]
Journal Article 1955 Bednarik, Robert G. The Côa petroglyphs: an obituary to the stylistic dating of Palaeolithic rock-art Antiquity [Bednarik, 1955 #29961]
Journal Article 1955 Said, M. Kwashiorkor in Negri Sembilan Medical Journal of Malaya [Said, 1955 #30253]
Journal Article 1955 Robinson, John T. Further remarks on the relationship between "Meganthropus" and Australopithecines American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Robinson, 1955 #30323]
Journal Article 1955 Movius, Hallam Leonard Palaeolithic archaeology in southern and eastern Asia, exclusive of India Journal of World History [Movius, 1955 #30406]
Journal Article 1955 Ling Shun-Sheng, New interpretations of the decorative designs on the bronze drums of Southeast Asia Bulletin of the Institute of Ethnology Academia Sinica [Ling 1955 #30424]
Book 1955 Oliver, Douglas L. A Solomon Island society: kinship and leadership among the Siuai of Bougainville [Oliver, 1955 #20850]
Journal Article 1955 van Heekeren, H. R. Proto-historic sarcophagi on Bali Bulletin of the Archaeological Institute of the Republic of Indonesia [van 1955 #31564]
Journal Article 1955 Movius, Hallam L. Jr. Recent research on early man in China American Anthropologist [Movius, 1955 #31600]
Journal Article 1955 Macgregor, I. A. Notes on the Portuguese in Malaya Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society [Macgregor, 1955 #31606]
Book in a Series 1955 Dupont, Pierre La statuaire préangkorienne [Dupont, 1955 #21868]
Book in a Series 1955 Boisselier, Jean La statuaire khmère et son évolution [Boisselier, 1955 #21870]
Book 1955 Beyer, H. Otley The relation of tektites to archaeology [Beyer, 1955 #20941]
Journal Article 1955 Damais, L.-C. Études d'epigraphie indonésienne - IV. Discussion de la date des inscriptions Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Damais, 1955 #32163]
Journal Article 1955 Moréchand, Guy Caractères économiques et sociaux d'une région de pêche maritime du Centre Viêtnam (Nha-trang) Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Moréchand, 1955 #32162]
Journal Article 1955 Marchal, Henri Modifications successives de la partie Nord de la Terrasse des Élephants d'Angkor Thom Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Marchal, 1955 #32161]
Book Section 1955 Hanks, Lucien M. Diphtheria immunization in a Thai community Health, culture, and community: case studies of public reactions to health programs [Hanks, 1955 #24419]
Journal Article 1955 Harrisson, Tom Ceramics penetrating central Borneo Sarawak Museum Journal [Harrisson, 1955 #32551]
Book 1955 Majumdar, R. C. Ancient Indian colonization in South-east Asia [Majumdar, 1955 #20965]