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Book Section 1996 Tylecote, R. F. Recent observations on early metallurgy in China -a note Ancient Chinese and Southeast Asian bronze age cultures [Tylecote, 1996 #23714]
Journal Article 1985 Tylecote, R. F. The apparent tinning of bronze axes and other artifacts Journal of the Historical Metallurgy Society [Tylecote, 1985 #29702]
Journal Article 1971 Tylecote, R. F. The mechanism of the bloomery process in shaft furnaces Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute [Tylecote, 1971 #29701]
Book 1992 Tylecote, R. F. A history of metallurgy, second edition [Tylecote, 1992 #20800]
Journal Article 1974 Tylecote, R. F. Can copper be smelted in a crucible? Journal of Historical Metallurgy [Tylecote, 1974 #35839]
Book 1976 Tylecote, R. F. A history of metallurgy [Tylecote, 1976 #21274]