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Book Section 2018 Stark, Miriam T. The Angkorian city: from Hariharalaya to Yashodharapura Angkor: Exploring Cambodia's Sacred City [Stark, 2018 #37257]
Book Section 2023 Stark, Miriam T. The Mekong Delta before the Angkorian world The Angkorian World [Stark, 2023 #37256]
Book Section 2023 Carter, Alison K. The Angkorian house The Angkorian World [Carter, 2023 #37255]
Book Section in a Series 2023 Stark, Miriam T. Angkor and China: 9th-15th centuries The Angkorian World [Stark, 2023 #37230]
Book in a Series 2023 Hendrickson, Mitch The Angkorian World [Hendrickson, 2023 #37204]
Journal Article 2007 Sanderson, David C. W. Luminescence dating of canal sediments from Angkor Borei, Mekong Delta, Southern Cambodia Quaternary Geochronology [Sanderson, 2007 #37203]
Book Section in a Series 2014 Stark, Miriam T. The archaeology of early modern South East Asia The Oxford Handbook of Historical Archaeology [Stark, 2014 #37202]
Journal Article 2021 Carter, Alison Kyra The evolution of agro-urbanism: a case study from Angkor, Cambodia Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Carter, 2021 #37201]
Journal Article 2022 Changmai, Piya Ancient DNA from Protohistoric Period Cambodia indicates that South Asians admixed with local populations as early as 1st- 3rd centuries C. E. Scientific Reports [Changmai, 2022 #37199]
Book Section 2021 Isendahl, Christian Urban ecology in the Ancient Tropics: foodways and urban forms Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecoolgy [Isendahl, 2021 #37198]
Book Section 2016 Stark, Miriam T. From the Mekong to the Tonle Sap: water management and cosmology in Cambodia's ancient states Irrigation in early states: new directions [Stark, 2016 #37192]
Journal Article 2021 Klassen, Sarah Diachronic modeling of the population within the medieval Greater Angkor Region settlement complex Science Advances [Klassen, 2021 #37129]
Journal Article 2021 Carter, Alison Kyra Angkor Borei and protohistoric trade networks: a view from the glass and stone bead assemblage Asian Perspectives [Carter, 2021 #37125]
Journal Article December 2022 Carter, Alison Kyra Prasat and Pteah: Habitation within Angkor Wat's temple enclosure Archaeological Research in Asia [Carter, December 2022 #37055]
Book Section 2022 Manguin, Pierre-Yves Mainland Southeast Asia's earliest kingdoms and the case of ''Funan'' The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Manguin, 2022 #37041]
Journal Article 2022 Heng, Piphal Form, structure and long-term Angkorian urbanism: A view from the Kok Phnov site (9th–10th century CE) Archaeological Research in Asia [Heng, 2022 #37008]
Journal Article 2021 Grave, Peter Angkorian Khmer stoneware: production and provenance Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Grave, 2021 #36984]
Book Section in a Series 2021 Stark, Miriam T. Landscapes, linkages, and luminescence: first-millennium CE environmental and social change in mainland Southeast Asia Primary sources and Asian pasts [Stark, 2021 #36864]
Journal Article 2021 Grave, Peter Centralized power/decentralized production? Angkorian stoneware and the southern production complex of Cheung Ek, Cambodia Journal of Archaeological Science [Grave, 2021 #36852]
Journal Article 2020 Stark, Miriam T. Collaboration, engagement, and Cambodia: archaeological perspectives on cultural heritage Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage [Stark, 2020 #36656]
Journal Article 2020 Shewan, Louise Resource utilisation and regional interaction in protohistoric Cambodia - the evidence from Angkor Borei Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Shewan, 2020 #19616]
Book Section 2019 Stark, Miriam T. Universal rule and precarious empire: power and fragility in the Angkorian state The Evolution of Fragility: Setting the Terms [Stark, 2019 #18965]
Journal Article 2019 Grave, Peter The Southeast Asian water frontier: coastal trade and mid-fifteenth c. CE "hill tribe" burials, southeastern Cambodia Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Grave, 2019 #18960]
Journal Article 2019 Carter, Alison K. Temple occupation and the tempo of collapse at Angkor Wat, Cambodia PNAS [Carter, 2019 #18956]
Book Section 2018 Stark, Miriam T. South and Southeast Asia: historical archaeology Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology [Stark, 2018 #22233]
Journal Article 2018 Marriner, Gary P. New dates for old kilns: a revised radiocarbon chronology of stoneware production for Angkorian Cambodia Radiocarbon [Marriner, 2018 #26717]
Journal Article 2017 Ikehara-Quebral, Rona M. Biocultural practices during the transition to history at the Vat Komnou Cemetery, Angkor Borei, Cambodia Asian Perspectives [Ikehara-Quebral, 2017 #26927]
Journal Article 2017 Stark, Miriam T. Review of <i> Before Siam: essays in art and archaeology </i> edited by Nicolas Revire and Stephan A. Murray Asian Perspectives [Stark, 2017 #26925]
Book Section 2017 Stark, Miriam T. Globalizing early Southeast Asia The Routledge Handbook of Archaeology and Globalization [Stark, 2017 #22327]
Journal Article 2016 Murphy, Stephen A. Introduction: transitions from late prehistory to early historic periods in mainland Southeast Aia, <i>c</i>. early to mid-first millennium CE Journal of Southeast Asian Studies [Murphy, 2016 #27598]