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Book Section 1993 Lee-Thorp, Julia A. Isotopic evidence for diets of prehistoric farmers in South Africa Prehistoric human bone: archaeology at the molecular level [Lee-Thorp, 1993 #24717]
Journal Article 1989 Lee-Thorp, Julia A. Stable carbon isotope ratio differences between bone collagen and bone apatite, and their relationship to diet Journal of Archaeological Science [Lee-Thorp, 1989 #34611]
BAR Book 1986 Sealy, Judith C. Stable carbon isotopes and prehistoric diets in the south-western Cape Province, South Africa [Sealy, 1986 #19646]
Journal Article 1991 Sealy, Judith C. <sup>87</sup>Sr/<sup>86</sup>Sr as a dietary indicator in modern and archaeological bone Journal of Archaeological Science [Sealy, 1991 #34507]
Journal Article 1985 Sealy, Judith C. Isotope assessment of Holocene human diets in the southwestern Cape South Africa Nature [Sealy, 1985 #34508]
Journal Article 1992 Sealy, Judith C. On "approaches to dietary reconstruction in the Western Cape: are you what you have eaten?" - A reply to Parkington Journal of Archaeological Science [Sealy, 1992 #34509]
Journal Article 1988 Sealy, Judith C. Social, spatial and chronological patterning in marine food use as determined by delta<sup>13</sup>C measurements of Holocene human skeletons from the southwestern Cape, South Africa World Archaeology [Sealy, 1988 #34510]
Journal Article 1997 Sealy, Judith C. Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios and coastal diets in the later stone age of South Africa: a comparison and critical analysis of two data sets Ancient Biomolecules [Sealy, 1997 #34511]
Journal Article 1989 Sillen, Andrew Chemistry and paleodietary research: no more easy answers American Antiquity [Sillen, 1989 #34500]
Journal Article 1995 Sillen, Andrew Diagenesis of strontium in fossil bone: a reconsideration of Nelson <i>et al.</i> (1986) Journal of Archaeological Science [Sillen, 1995 #34501]