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Journal Article 2004 Piperno, Dolores R. Processing of wild cereal grains in the Upper Palaeolithic revealed by starch grain analysis Nature [Piperno, 2004 #30673]
Journal Article 1998 Piperno, Dolores R. Paleoethnobotany in Neotropics from microfossils: new insights into ancient plant use and agricultural origins in the tropical forest Journal of World Prehistory [Piperno, 1998 #31806]
Journal Article 2000 Zhao, Zhijun Late Pleistocene/Holocene environments in the Middle Yangtze River Valley, China and rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i> L.) domestication: the phytolith evidence Geoarchaeology [Zhao, 2000 #32523]
Journal Article 1994 Kealhofer, Lisa Early agriculture in Southeast Asia: phytolith evidence from the Bang Pakong Valley, Thailand Antiquity [Kealhofer, 1994 #34640]
Book Section 1996 Cooke, Richard Native Americans and the Panamanian landscape Case Studies in Environmental Archaeology [Cooke, 1996 #24663]
Journal Article 1990 Piperno, Dolores R. Aboriginal agriculture and land usage in the Amazon Basin, Ecuador Journal of Archaeological Science [Piperno, 1990 #35662]
Journal Article 1991 Piperno, Dolores R. Paleoecological perspectives on human adaptation in central Panama. I. The Pleistocene Geoarchaeology [Piperno, 1991 #35661]
Book Section in a Series 1996 Kealhofer, Lisa Two phytolith sequences from the Bang Pakong Valley The excavation of Khok Phanom Di: a prehistoric site in central Thailand. Volume IV: subsistence and environment: the botanical evidence (the biological remains, part II) [Kealhofer, 1996 #26248]
Book 1988 Piperno, Dolores R. Phytolith analysis: an archaeological and geological perspective [Piperno, 1988 #21235]
Book Section in a Series 1989 Piperno, Dolores R. Non-affluent foragers: resource availability, seasonal shortages, and the emergence of agriculture in Panamanian tropical forests Foraging and farming: the evolution of plant exploitation [Piperno, 1989 #26279]