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Journal Article 2021 Grave, Peter Angkorian Khmer stoneware: production and provenance Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Grave, 2021 #36984]
Journal Article 2021 Cai, Shuhui Archaeomagnetic results from Cambodia in Southeast Asia: evidence for possible low-latitude flux expulsion PNAS [Cai, 2021 #36969]
Journal Article 2021 Grave, Peter Centralized power/decentralized production? Angkorian stoneware and the southern production complex of Cheung Ek, Cambodia Journal of Archaeological Science [Grave, 2021 #36852]
Journal Article 2020 Heng, Piphal De-exoticizing Cambodia's archaeology through community engagement Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage [Heng, 2020 #36662]
Journal Article 2019 Hendrickson, Mitch Forging empire: Angkorian iron smelting, community and ritual practice at Tonle Bak Antiquity [Hendrickson, 2019 #19010]
Journal Article 2018 Hendrickson, Mitch Industries of Angkor Project: preliminary investigation of iron production at Boeng Kroam, Preah Khan of Kompong Svay Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Hendrickson, 2018 #26677]
Book Section 2017 Heng, Piphal The position of Cambodian archaeology in current sociopolitical context Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology [Heng, 2017 #22310]
Journal Article 2017 Hendrickson, Mitch Smelting in the shadow of the Iron Mountain: preliminary field investigation of the industrial landscape around Phnom Dek, Cambodia (ninth to twentieth centuries A.D.) Asian Perspectives [Hendrickson, 2017 #26976]
Journal Article 2014 Pryce, Thomas Oliver The iron kuay of cambodia: tracing the role of peripheral populations in Angkorian to colonial Cambodia via a 1200 year old industrial landscape Journal of Archaeological Science [Pryce, 2014 #28140]
Book Section 2014 Carter, Alison Archaeology in post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia Encyclopedia of global archaeology [Carter, 2014 #22745]