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Journal Article 2019 Acabado, Stephen B. The short history of the Ifugao tice terraces: a local response to the Spanish conquest Journal of Field Archaeology [Acabado, 2019 #26664]
Journal Article 2014 Peterson, John A. Landscape evolution in Cebu, central Philippines: the impact of sea level, social history, and tectonism on archaeological landscapes Asian Perspectives (2013) [Peterson, 2014 #28036]
Book Section 2012 Peterson, John A. The Tuyom clay source and ceramics from the Central Visayas, Philippines: comperative studies using ICPMS elemental analysis Crossing borders: selected papers from the 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Peterson, 2012 #22871]
Journal Article 2007 Peterson, John A. Review of "Archaeology and culture in southeast Asia: unraveling the Nusantao" by Wilhelm G. Solheim II Asian Perspectives (2007) [Peterson, 2007 #29991]