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Journal Article 2007 Sanderson, David C. W. Luminescence dating of canal sediments from Angkor Borei, Mekong Delta, Southern Cambodia Quaternary Geochronology [Sanderson, 2007 #37203]
Journal Article 2021 Penny, Dan Historical socioecological transformations in the global tropics as an Anthropocene analogue Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [Penny, 2021 #36993]
Journal Article 2021 Hall, Tegan An integrated palaeoenvironmental record of Early Modern occupancy and land use within Angkor Thom, Angkor Quaternary Science Reviews [Hall, 2021 #36905]
Journal Article 2019 Penny, Dan Geoarchaeological evidence from Angkor, Cambodia, reveals a gradual decline rather than a catastrophic 15th-century collapse PNAS [Penny, 2019 #36839]
Journal Article 2014 Penny, Dan The environmental impact of Cambodia's ancient Mahendraparvata (Phnom Kulen) PLoS One [Penny, 2014 #36838]
Journal Article 2020 Hall, Tegan Tracing the networks of past societies in palaeoenvironmental research Journal of Economic and Social Geography [Hall, 2020 #19054]
Journal Article 2019 Hall, Tegan The environmental context of a city in decline: the vegetation history of a Khmer peripheral settlement during the Angkor period Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Hall, 2019 #26680]
Journal Article 2018 Penny, Dan The demise of Angkor: systemic vulnerability of urban infrastructure to climatic variations Science Advances [Penny, 2018 #26703]
Journal Article 2016 Feneley, Marnie Claiming the hydraulic network of Angkor with Viṣṇu: a multidisciplinary approach including the analysis of archaelogical remains, digital modelling and radiocarbon dating: with evidence for a 12th century renovation of the West Mebon Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Feneley, 2016 #27622]
Journal Article 2016 Penny, Dan 'Here be dragons': integrating scientific data and place-based observation for environmental management Applied Geography [Penny, 2016 #27630]
Journal Article 2016 Hall, Tegan Iron and fire: geoarchaeological history of a Khmer peripheral centre during the decline of the Angkorian Empire, Cambodia Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Hall, 2016 #27785]
Book Section 2008 Lustig, Terry Did traditional cultures live in harmony with nature? Lessons from Angkor, Cambodia Modern myths of the Mekong: a critical review of water and development concepts, principles and policies [Lustig, 2008 #22629]
Report 2010 Hendrickson, Mitch Industries of Angkor project: Preah Khan of Kompong Svay (Bakan) December 2009 field report [Hendrickson, 2010 #36172]
Journal Article 2008 Fletcher, Roland The water management network of Angkor, Cambodia Antiquity [Fletcher, 2008 #29429]
Journal Article 2006 Penny, Dan Vegetation and land-use at Angkor, Cambodia: a dated pollen sequence from the Bakong temple moat Antiquity [Penny, 2006 #30049]
Book Section 2006 Fletcher, Roland The Greater Angkor Project 2005-2009: issues and program Uncovering Southeast Asia's past: selected papers from the 10th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Fletcher, 2006 #24040]
Journal Article 2006 Penny, Dan The Holocene history and development of the Tonle Sap, Cambodia Quaternary Science Reviews [Penny, 2006 #30333]
Journal Article 2005 Penny, Dan Microfossil evidence of land-use intensification in north Thailand Journal of Archaeological Science [Penny, 2005 #30580]
Book Section 2001 Kershaw, A. Peter Vegetation and climate in lowland Southeast Asia at the Last Glacial Maximum Faunal and floral migrations and evolution in SE Asia-Australasia [Kershaw, 2001 #24373]
Journal Article 2001 van der Kaars, Sander Late Quaternary palaeoecology, palynology, and palaeolimnology of a tropical lowland swamp: Rawa Danau, West-Java, Indonesia Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [van 2001 #31766]
Journal Article 2003 Bishop, Paul A 3.5 ka record of paleoenvironments and human occupation at Angkor Borei, Mekong Delta, southern Cambodia Geoarchaeology [Bishop, 2003 #32661]
Journal Article 1996 Penny, Dan Holocene palaeoenvironmental reconstruction based on microfossil analysis of a lake sediment core, Nong Han Kumphawapi, Udon Thani, northeast Thailand Asian Perspectives (1996) [Penny, 1996 #32819]
Journal Article 2001 Penny, Dan A 40,000 year palynological record from north-east Thailand Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [Penny, 2001 #34152]
Journal Article 1999 Penny, Dan Palaeoenvironmental analysis of the Sakon Nakhon Basin, northeast Thailand: palynological perspectives on climate change and human occupation Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Penny, 1999 #34558]