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Book Section 2005 Matsumura, H. The Perak man: morphology, osteometric analysis and palaeopathology The Perak man and other prehistoric skeletons of Malaysia [Matsumura, 2005 #22348]
Journal Article 2009 Oxenham, M. F. Paralysis and severe disability requiring intensive care in neolithic Asia Anthropological Science [Oxenham, 2009 #27649]
Book Section 2005 Matsumura, H. Dental perspectives on the population history of Southeast Asia American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Matsumura, 2005 #22358]
Journal Article 2009 Oxenham, M. F. A case of lower limb paralysis in an adult male dated to 3800-3400 BP, northern Vietnam: implications for quality of life and care HOMO [Oxenham, 2009 #27677]
Report 2006 Matsumura, H. An early Holocene Hoabinhian human skeleton from Hang Cho Site in northern Vietnam: anthropological and archaeological study of the origin of Neolithic people in mainland Southeast Asia Report of Grant-in-Aid [Matsumura, 2006 #36146]
Book 2011 Oxenham, M. F. Man Bac: the excavation of a neolithic site in northern Vietnam. The biology. [Oxenham, 2011 #19801]
Journal Article 2014 Matsumura, H. Demographic transitions and migration in prehistoric East/Southeast Asia through the lens of nonmetric dental traits American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Matsumura, 2014 #27716]
Book Section 2015 Matsumura, H. Hoabinhians: a key population with which to debate the peopling of Southeast Asia Emergence and diversity of modern human behavior in paleolithic Asia [Matsumura, 2015 #22378]
Report 2010 Bellwood, P. Report on the 2009 archaeological excavation at An Son [Bellwood, 2010 #36160]
Journal Article 2007 Oxenham, M. F. Oral and physiological palaeohealth in cold adapted peoples: northeast Asia, Hokkaido American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Oxenham, 2007 #29592]
Journal Article 2006 Oxenham, M. F. Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis in late Jomon Hokkaido, Japan International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Oxenham, 2006 #30086]
Journal Article 1995 Matsumura, H. Dental characteristics affinities of the prehistoric to modern Japanese with the East Asians, American Natives and Australo-Melanesians Anthropological Science [Matsumura, 1995 #35396]