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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Journal Article 2012 Wang, Shuyun Palaeovegetation and palaeoclimate in low-latitude southern China during the Last Glacial Maximum Quaternary International [Wang, 2012 #28456]
Journal Article 2007 Wang, ShuYun The early Holocene optimum inferred from a high-resolution pollen record of Huguangyan Maar Lake in southern China Chinese Science Bulletin [Wang, 2007 #28580]
Journal Article 2007 Yancheva, Gergana Influence of the intertropical convergence zone on the East Asian monsoon Nature [Yancheva, 2007 #28873]
Book Section 2001 Sui, Shuzhen A long paleoclimatic record in subtropical zone of south China Monsoon and civilization: the 2nd international workshop of the ALDP (Asian Lake Drilling Programme) [Sui, 2001 #24571]
Book Section 2000 Liu, Jiaqi Lacustrine sediments and palaeoenvironmental records in China Monsoon: environmental change in Eurasia. The 1st ALDP/ELDP joint meeting [Liu, 2000 #24564]