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Book 2014 Keyes, Charles F. Finding their voice: northeastern villagers and the Thai state [Keyes, 2014 #20024]
Book Section 1995 Keyes, Charles F. Who are the Tai? Reflections on the invention of identities Ethnic identity: creation, conflict, and accommodation [Keyes, 1995 #23213]
Book Section 2004 Keyes, Charles F. Tug-of-war for merit: cremation of a senior monk The society of Siam: selected articles for the Siam Society's centenary [Keyes, 2004 #24186]
Journal Article 1980 Anusaranasasanakiarti, Phra Khru Funerary rites and the Buddhist meaning of death: an interpretative text from northern Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Anusaranasasanakiarti, 1980 #34207]
Journal Article 1974 Keyes, Charles F. A note on the ancient towns and cities of northeastern Thailand Tonan Ajia Kenkyu [Keyes, 1974 #35338]
Book 1977 Keyes, Charles F. The Golden Peninsula: Culture and Adaptation in Mainland Southeast Asia [Keyes, 1977 #21225]