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Journal Article 2011 Khunsong, Saritpong Excavation of a Pre-Pre-Dvāravatī site at Hor-Ek in ancient Nakhon Pathom Journal of the Siam Society [Khunsong, 2011 #36674]
Book Section 2004 Indrawooth, Phasook The archaeology of the early Buddhist Kingdoms of Thailand Southeast Asia: from prehistory to history [Indrawooth, 2004 #24278]
Journal Article 1990 Indrawooth, Phasook Archaeological study at Ban Krabuang Nok SPAFA Digest [Indrawooth, 1990 #33930]
Book Section 1995 Indrawooth, Phasook The cultural transition in the Chi River Valley: a case study of Muang Fa Daed Song Yang 3rd Franco-Thai Symposium [Indrawooth, 1995 #24535]
Book 1985 Indrawooth, Phasook Index pottery of Dvaravati period [Indrawooth, 1985 #21021]
Book 1999 Indrawooth, Phasook Dvaravati: a critical study based on archaeological evidence [Indrawooth, 1999 #21020]
Book Section 1992 Indrawooth, Phasook Amulets for merchants Early metallurgy, trade and urban centres in Thailand and Southeast Asia [Indrawooth, 1992 #24879]