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Journal Article 2002 Burger, J. Species determination using species-discriminating PCR-RFLP of ancient DNA from prehistoric skeletal remains Ancient Biomolecules [Burger, 2002 #32458]
Journal Article 2001 Burger, J. Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA from (pre)historic hide-derived material Ancient Biomolecules [Burger, 2001 #32446]
Journal Article 1998 Gerstenberger, J. Assignment of an isolated skeletal element to the skeleton of Duke Christian II through STR typing Ancient Biomolecules [Gerstenberger, 1998 #32414]
Journal Article 1996 Lassen, C. PCR based sex identification of ancient human bones by amplification of X- and Y-chromosomal sequences: a comparison Ancient Biomolecules [Lassen, 1996 #32391]