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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Journal Article 1987 Hanks, Lucien M. The gabled roofs of Thai temples: an adventure in tracing Chinese influences Journal of the Siam Society [Hanks, 1987 #36724]
Book 2001 Hanks, Jane R. Tribes of the north Thailand frontier Yale University Southeast Asia Studies, Monograph Series [Hanks, 2001 #19912]
Book Section 1961 Hanks, Lucien M. A young Thai from the countryside Studying personality cross-culturally [Hanks, 1961 #24418]
Book 1964 Hanks, Lucien M. A report on tribal peoples in Chiengrai Province north of the Mae Kok River [Hanks, 1964 #20948]
Journal Article 1962 Hanks, Lucien M. Power and merit in the Thai social order American Anthropologist [Hanks, 1962 #32491]
Book Section 1964 Hanks, Lucien M. Culture of the central Thai Ethnic groups of mainland Southeast Asia [Hanks, 1964 #24420]
Book Section 1955 Hanks, Lucien M. Diphtheria immunization in a Thai community Health, culture, and community: case studies of public reactions to health programs [Hanks, 1955 #24419]
Journal Article 1956 Hanks, Lucien M. Crisis in Bang Chan Saturday Review of Literature [Hanks, 1956 #32540]
Book Section 1956 Hanks, Lucien M. Modified TATs of 47 Thai men and women Primary records in culture and personality [Hanks, 1956 #24422]
Book in a Series 1965 Hanks, Lucien M. Ethnographic notes on northern Thailand [Hanks, 1965 #21883]
Book in a Series 1972 Hanks, Lucien M. Rice and man: agricultural ecology in Southeast Asia [Hanks, 1972 #21995]