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Journal Article 1976 Ranadive, K. J. Experimental studies on betel nut and tobacco carcinogenicity International Journal of Cancer [Ranadive, 1976 #35144]
Journal Article 1979 Ranadive, K. J. Betel quid chewing and oral cancer: experimental studies on hamsters International Journal of Cancer [Ranadive, 1979 #35143]
Journal Article 1981 Pai, S. R. Long-term feeding study in C17 mice administered saccharin coated betel nut and 1,4-dinitrosopiperazine in combination Carcinogenesis [Pai, 1981 #35103]
Journal Article 1980 Shivapurkar, N. M. Tumorigenic effect of aqueous & polyphenolic fractions of betel nut in Swiss strain mice Indian Journal of Experimental Biology [Shivapurkar, 1980 #35048]
Journal Article 1984 Bhide, S. V. Arecoline tumorigenicity in Swiss strain mice on normal and vitamin B deficient diet Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology [Bhide, 1984 #34969]
Journal Article 1979 Bhide, S. V. Carcinogenicity of betel quid ingredients: feeding mice with aqueous extract and the polyphenol fraction of betel nut British Journal of Cancer [Bhide, 1979 #34968]
Journal Article 1986 Gothoskar, S. V. A study on the parotid gland tumor induced in Swiss mice by tanin containing fraction of betelnut Indian Journal of Experimental Botany [Gothoskar, 1986 #34921]