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Book Section 2004 Olsen, S. L. The bone industry of Ulu Leang 1 and Leang Burung 1 rockshelters, Sulawesi, Indonesia, in its regional context Modern Quaternary Research in Southeast Asia [Olsen, 2004 #22371]
Book Section 2002 Lampert, C. D. Characterization and radiocarbon dating of archaeological resins from Southeast Asia Archaeological chemistry: materials, methods, and meaning [Lampert, 2002 #22484]
Book Section 2014 Glover, I. C. An early northwest Indian decorated bronze bowl from Khao Sam Kaeo Before Siam: essays in art and archaeology [Glover, 2014 #22703]
Conference Paper 2009 Bennett, A. Late prehistoric iron tools and weapons from Ban Don Ta Phet, west-central Thailand 7th Beginnings of the Use of Metals and Alloys Conference, Bangalore, India (13th to 17th September 2009) [Bennett, 2009 #26423]
Journal Article 1984 Bronson, B. Archaeological radiocarbon dates from Indonesia: a first list Indonesia Circle [Bronson, 1984 #29650]
Journal Article 1980 Glover, I. C. A further note on flaked stone material from Seram, eastern Indonesia Asian Perspectives (1977) [Glover, 1980 #29649]
Journal Article 1969 Glover, I. C. Puntutjarpa rockshelter excavations, by R. A. Gould: a critical review Archaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania [Glover, 1969 #29648]
Book Section in a Series 1995 Glover, I. C. Early glass in South and Southeast Asia and China South East Asia and China: art, interaction and commerce [Glover, 1995 #25748]
Book Section in a Series 1994 Glover, I. C. Civilizations of Southeast Asia Old World civilizations: the rise of cities and states [Glover, 1994 #25747]
Book Section in a Series 1994 Glover, I. C. Civilizations in southern Asia Old World civilizations: the rise of cities and states [Glover, 1994 #25746]
Report 1985 Glover, I. C. Excavations at Ban Don Ta Phet, 1984-1985: a preliminary report [Glover, 1985 #36226]
Report Glover, I. C. Archaeometallurgical investigations in Ratchaburi Province, West-Central Thailand, March-April 1990 [Glover, #36225]
Journal Article 1986 Andrews, R. G. Ulu Leang 2, an Iron Age jar burial cave in South Sulawesi, Indonesia Indonesia Circle [Andrews, 1986 #29654]
Conference Paper 2003 Glover, I. C. State formation in early Southeast Asia with particular reference to the role of exchange networks with India and the Mediterranean world The emergence of statehood in early Southeast Asia [Glover, 2003 #26446]
Book Section 2001 Glover, I. C. Differential decay of buried Iron Age Thai glass in a uniform environment Ethnographic beadwork: aspects of manufacture, use and conservation [Glover, 2001 #23788]
Journal Article 1969 Glover, I. C. The use of factor analysis for the discovery of artifact types The Australian Journal of Anthropology [Glover, 1969 #29658]
Journal Article 1997 Glover, I. C. Cooperative archaeological project at Tra Kieu Lettre de la Société des amis du Champa ancien [Glover, 1997 #29657]
Journal Article 1998 Glover, I. C. The role of India in the late prehistory of Southeast Asia Journal of Southeast Asian Archaeology [Glover, 1998 #29656]
Journal Article 1999 Glover, I. C. Letting the past serve the present: some contemporary uses of archaeology in Viêt Nam Antiquity [Glover, 1999 #29655]
Book Section in a Series 1996 Glover, I. C. Origins of agriculture Plants [Glover, 1996 #25749]
Book Section 1983 Glover, I. C. The archaeological evidence for early trade between India and Southeast Asia The Indian Ocean in antiquity [Glover, 1983 #23791]
Book Section 1996 Glover, I. C. The birth of cultural tourism in Viêt Nam Far Eastern studies in achaeological heritage [Glover, 1996 #23790]
Book Section 1998 Glover, I. C. The archaeological past of island Southeast Asia Messages in stone: statues and sculptures from tribal Indonesia in the collection of the Barbier-Mueller musuem [Glover, 1998 #23789]
Journal Article 1990 Glover, E. First-order <sup>14</sup>C dating of marine molluscs in archaeology Antiquity [Glover, 1990 #29667]
Journal Article 1979 Glover, I. C. The effects of sink action on archaeological deposits in caves: an Indonesian example World Archaeology [Glover, 1979 #29662]
Journal Article 1991 Basa, K. K The relationship between early Southeast Asian and Indian glass Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Basa, 1991 #29970]