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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Journal Article 2001 Barker, G. The Niah Cave Project: The second (2001) season of fieldwork Sarawak Museum Journal [Barker, 2001 #28514]
Thesis-PhD 1972 Glover, I. Excavations in Timor: a study of economic change and cultural continuity in prehistory [Glover, 1972 #36495]
Journal Article 1972 Glover, I. Alfred Bühler’s excavations in Timor: a re-evaluation. Art and Archaeology Research Papers [Glover, 1972 #29664]
Journal Article 1977 Glover, I. The Late Stone Age in eastern Indonesia World Archaeology [Glover, 1977 #29663]
Book Section 2000 Glover, I. The Southern Silk Road: archaeological evidence of early trade between India and Southeast Asia The silk roads: highways of culture and commerce [Glover, 2000 #23794]
Book Section 1971 Glover, I. Prehistoric research in Timor Aboriginal man and environment in Australia [Glover, 1971 #23793]