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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Book in a Series 1990 Gianno, Rosemary Semelai culture and resin technology [Gianno, 1990 #21662]
Book 2006 Baer, Adela S. Orang Asli women of Malaysia: perceptions, situations & aspirations [Baer, 2006 #20798]
Journal Article Gianno, Rosemary The exploitation of resinous products in a lowland Malayan forest Wallaceana [Gianno, #35625]
Journal Article 1986 Gianno, Rosemary Resin classification among the Semelai of Tasek Bera, Pahang, Malaysia Economic Botany [Gianno, 1986 #35624]
Book Section 1987 Gianno, Rosemary The identification of insular Southeast Asian resins and other plant exudates for archaeological and ethnological application Recent Advances in the Conservation and Analysis of Artifacts: Jubilee Conservaton Conference Papers [Gianno, 1987 #25159]