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Journal Article 2014 Buckley, Hallie R. Scurvy in a tropical paradise? Evaluating the possibility of infant and adult vitamin C deficiency in the Lapita skeletal sample of Teouma, Vanuatu, Pacific islands International Journal of Paleopathology [Buckley, 2014 #37154]
Journal Article 2016 Galipaud, Jean-Christophe The Pain Haka burial ground in Flores: Indonesian evidence for a shared neolithic cosmology in Southeast Asia Antiquity [Galipaud, 2016 #27661]
Journal Article 2014 Foster, Aimee Using enthesis robusticity to infer activity in the past: a review Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory [Foster, 2014 #27670]
Book Section 2016 Harris, Nathaniel J. Field anthropology in Southeast Asia: initial steps toward a regional overview and the Pain Haka case study The Routledge handbook of bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands [Harris, 2016 #22455]